Gopherball is a 30 team dynasty league in its fourth year. We have three teams open for hire right now. Please go to if interested. It is a free league, we use fantrax for scoring.

The teams available are the Cubs, Brewers, and Braves. I'm pasting in the rosters, the Brewers have some great prospects.

needs three owners - Cubs, Brewers, Braves are available. I'm posting the rosters below also. If interested just join and claim them.


C Geovany Soto 12: .4m
CI Adrian Gonzalez 12:27.2M 13-14:24.2M 15:27.2M 16-17:30.2M
CI David Freese 12$0.4m, 13:$0.4m, 14:$0.4m
MI Paul Janish 12: 1.7m
MI Howie Kendrick 12-16:$12.5M
OF Tyler Colvin 12:.4m, 13:0.4, 14:$0.4m
OF Johnny Damon 12:5.5M 13:5.5M
OF Marlon Byrd 12:$6.5M
OF Ryan Ludwick 12:$2.7m 13:$2.7m
Of Franklin Gutierrez 12: 5.5 13:7 14: 7.5 (o)
OF Will Venable 12: 0.4m 13: $0.4m
OF Matt Diaz 12:$0.6m
DH David Ortiz 12:$7M
Mi Chris Nelson 12: .4m 13: .4m 14: .4m 15: .4m 16: .4m


SP Johan Santana 12: $24m 13:$25.5m 14: $25m (o)
SP Tim Stauffer 12:$3.2M
SP Matt Harrison 12: $.4m
SP Jason Vargas 12: 2m
RP Craig Breslow 12:4.2m 13:3.2m
RP Grant Balfour 12: 3.4M 11: 1.8M
RP Alexi Ogando 12,13:4.7m 14:3.7m
RP Chance Ruffin PP 12: .4m
P Wily Peralta 12-14: 1.1m
P Wade LeBlanc 12:$0.4 13:$0.4m
RP Casey Coleman 12.4m 13:,4m 14:.4m 15: .4m


2B Logan Watkins Cubs $400k
OF Brett Jackson Cubs $400k
P Chris Carpenter Red Sox $400k
1B Rebel Ridling Cubs $400k
P Ethan Martin Dodgers $400k
CI Renato Nunez A's $400k
P Hayden Simpson Cubs $400k
OF Reggie Golden Cubs $400k
SS Javier Baez Cubs
1B Daniel Vogelbach Cubs
2B Zeke DeVoss Cubs
P Dillon Maples Cubs



C....Russell Martin (NYY) - 12 $9.8M, 13 $.4M
CI...Brett Lawrie (TOR) - 12-16 $.4M pp
CI...Pedro Alvarez (PIT)- 12 $.7M, 13 $.4M, 14 $.4M
MI...Alberto Callaspo (LAA) - $3M
MI...Alcides Escobar (KC) - 12 $.4M, 13 $.4M, 14 $.4M
OF...Norichika Aoki (MIL) - 12 $1.0M, 13 $1.2M, 14 $1.5M
OF...Lorenzo Cain (KC) - 12-16 $.4M pp
OF...Travis Snider (TOR) - 12: $0.4M, 13: $0.4M
U....Chris Johnson (HOU) - 12-14 $.4M

SP...Ryan Dempster (CHC) - 12 $14.6M, 13-14 $1.0M
SP...Francisco Liriano (MIN) - 12 $20M, 13 $12M, 14 $4M, 15 $4M
SP...AJ Burnett (OAK) - 12 $7M
P...Ben Sheets (ATL) - 12 $.4M
P...Manny Parra (MIL) - 12 $.4M
P...Brett Anderson (OAK) - 12-13 $.4M
RP...Damaso Marte (N/A) - 12 $4.5M, 13 $6.5M
RP... Zach Braddock (N/A) - 12-13 $.4M
RP... Logan Ondrusek (CIN) - 12-16 $.4M

Reserve/Bench Players
C...Jonathan Lucroy (MIL) - 12-13 $.4M
MI...Billy Hamilton (CIN) - 12 $.4M(Minors)
SP...Daniel Corcino (CIN) - 12 $3.4M 13-17 $.4M

SP - Jameson Taillon, PIT
OF - Oscar Taveras, STL
OF - Leonys Martin, TEX 12: .4, 13: .8, 14: 1.0, 15: 1.0, 16: 1.3
OF - Mason Williams, NYY
SP - Jake Odorrizi, KC
SP - Taylor Juggmann, MIL
SP - Jed Bradley, MIL
SP - Tyler Thornburg, MIL
OF - Michael Taylor, OAK
OF - Kentrail Davis, MIL
OF - Caleb Gindle, MIL
RP - Jeremy Jeffress, KC
OF - Max Kepler, MIN
SP - Eric Arnett, MIL
SP - Kyle Heckathorn, MIL
SP - Mark Rodgers, MIL
1B - Hunter Morris, MIL
RP - Juan Urbina, NYM
SP - Pedro Figueroa, OAK
SP - Matthew Miller, MIL
SP - Jimmy Nelson, MIL
SP - Dylan Covey, College
SP - Amaury Rivas, MIL
C - Angel Salome, SEA
1B - Cody Hawn, MIL

Braves Roster
C Kurt Suzuki 12:4.0, 13:4.0, 14:4.0, 15:4.0
CI Prince Fielder 12:22.0 13:22.0 14:30.0 15:30.0 16:31.0
CI Mike Carp 12:0.4pp
MI Omar Infante 12:4.0, 13:4.0
OF Melky Cabrera 12:4.7 13:3.8
OF Andres Torres 12:4.0
OF Nick Markakis 12:12.0
UTIL BJ Upton TB 12:$7

SP Felix Hernandez 12:18.5 13:19.5 14:20.0
SP Randy Wells 12:0.4PP 13:0.4PP FA FA
SP Jonathan Niese 12:0.4PP 13:0.4PP 14:0.4PP
RP Javy Guerra 12:7.8 13:7.8
RP Sean White 12:0.4pp
P Shawn Marcum MIL 12: 7.7
P Kevin Correia PIT 12:0.8 13:0.4 14:0.4
P David Huff 12:0.4PP 13:0.4pp

BN Jorge Cantu 12: 0.4
BN P.J. Walters RP 12: 0.4, 13:0.4, 14: 0.4, 15: 0.4
BN Jose Morales 12:0.4pp 13:0.4pp FA FA
BN Bryan LaHair 12:2.5
BN Kurt Fleming OF 0.4 Minor

1 Joe Leonard 3B 0.4 Minor
2 Joey Terdoslavich 3B 0.4 Minor
3 Nick Franklin SS Sea 0.4 Minor
4 Phil Gosselin 2B 0.4 Minor
5 Mycal Jones SS 0.4 Minor
6 Corban Joseph 2b NYY 0.4 Minor
7 Madinson Youngnier SP BOS 0.4 Minor
8 Jonathan Villar SS 0.4minor
9 Abraham Almonte OF NYY 0.4 Minor
10 Todd Cunningham 3B 0.4 Minor
11 Gorkys Hernandez OF 0.4 Minor
12 Cody Johnson OF 0.4 Minor
13 Adam Milligan OF 0.4 Minor
14 Donavon Tate OF SD 0.4 Minor
15 Tim Alderson SP 0.4 Minor
16 Dave Filak RHP 0.4 Minor
17 Zeke Spruill P 0.4 Minor
18 Matt Lewis RHP 0.4 Minor
19 Bryan Morgado 0.4 Minor
20 Matt Suschak RHP 0.4 Minor

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