Fantasy Football Rankings: Top 75 PPR

Brandon Marshall led the league in targets in his last two years with Jay Cutler and is poised to be a PPR monster. Check out who else should garner your interest in the top 75.

If you've been checking out my positional rankings, you might have noticed that I have been ranking them without PPR. PPR has become the choice of die-hard fantasy players these days and it makes that little extra research turn a bigger profit.

Instead of doing a whole new set of positional rankings for PPR with the backs, receivers and tight ends, we're just going to rank all of them with the quarterbacks in this edition.

In case you missed it, here are the positional rankings with some stats and/or reasoning for each player:

Quarterback Rankings

Running Back Rankings Part I

Wide Receiver Rankings Part I

Tight End Rankings

This ranking is for deeper leagues for competitive owners. As I said in the QB and TE ranks, it's tough to grab an elite QB or TE in leagues where everyone knows who the sleepers are at running back and receiver. QB and TE are as deep as ever, so I'd rather fight that battle later in the draft than have a hole at my flex or WR3 spot.

Similarly, since this is PPR, the wide receivers get a bit of an edge over the RB2-type guys

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Rank Player
1 Arian Foster
2 LeSean McCoy
3 Ray Rice
4 Calvin Johnson
5 Aaron Rodgers
6 Ryan Mathews
7 Chris Johnson
8 Andre Johnson
9 Tom Brady
10 Maurice Jones-Drew
11 Cam Newton
12 Jamaal Charles
13 Darren McFadden
14 Hakeem Nicks
15 Drew Brees
16 Rob Gronkowski
17 Brandon Marshall
18 Larry Fitzgerald
19 Mike Wallace
20 Roddy White
21 Wes Welker
22 Steve Smith
23 Jimmy Graham
24 Adrian Peterson
25 Percy Harvin
26 Matt Forte
27 A.J. Green
28 Matthew Stafford
29 Michael Vick
30 Marshawn Lynch
31 Trent Richardson
32 Greg Jennings
33 DeMarco Murray
34 Reggie Bush
35 Frank Gore
36 Julio Jones
37 Jeremy Maclin
38 Victor Cruz
39 Miles Austin
40 Dez Bryant
41 Eli Manning
42 Peyton Manning
43 Jordy Nelson
44 Antonio Brown
45 Stevie Johnson
46 Demaryius Thomas
47 Doug Martin
48 Marques Colston
49 Darren Sproles
50 Ahmad Bradshaw
51 Fred Jackson
52 Michael Turner
53 Steven Jackson
54 Philip Rivers
55 Matt Ryan
56 Dwayne Bowe
57 Reggie Wayne
58 Vincent Jackson
59 Antonio Gates
60 Ben Roethlisberger
61 Brandon Lloyd
62 Kenny Britt
63 Tony Romo
64 Jermichael Finley
65 Vernon Davis
66 Jason Witten
67 Roy Helu
68 Beanie Wells
69 Shonn Greene
70 Jahvid Best
71 DeAngelo Williams
72 Aaron Hernandez
73 Eric Decker
74 Brandon Pettigrew
75 Santonio Holmes

Thanks for reading!

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