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I have to turn in my freeze list for my keeper league in a couple of weeks, and I'm having trouble making the final cuts. We keep players based on cumulative points from the previous season, fitting them into a points total based on each team's finish in the standings. I get 4700 freeze points this year. League format is full-season cumulative points, we start 25 players, up to 3 at each fielding position, plus 5 SPs and 5-6 RPs. Here is my most recent draft of all the players I really want to keep, but I have to cut another 1361 points from this. That's where you guys come in.

Mike Napoli C, 1B 524
Paul Goldschmidt 1B 146
Chase Utley 2B 363
Dustin Pedroia 2B 705
Nolan Arenado 3B 0
Mike Young 3B 588
Elvis Andrus SS 510
Carlos Gonzalez LF, RF 540
Michael Choice LF 0
Brett Jackson CF 0
Hunter Pence RF 575
Jered Weaver SP 658
Jeremy Hellickson SP 427
Drew Pomeranz SP 28
Tommy Hanson SP 313
Henderson Alvarez SP 112
Jarrod Parker SP 14
Tyler Skaggs SP 0
Carlos Martinez SP 0
Mike Montgomery SP 0
Drew Storen RP 558

Utley is almost definitely being traded within a week, I just don't love the current offers on the table for him. When he is traded, it will be for either a 0-point player or a draft pick, so you can almost go ahead and take his 363 out of there, and just try to find 1000 (or more) points to hack off. Any leftover points are usable in our pre-draft 'waiver draft,' in which players who accumulated points last year can be 'bought' with unused freeze points. At least a couple of owners will be going into that draft with 1000+ points to use, so several high-pointing players could be taken out of the regular draft pool. I pick 8th (of 12) in the regular draft, so might be able to reacquire one of the players I drop, but don't want to count on it.

Any advice is appreciated. I know which way I'm leaning, but want to open it up to the crowd.

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