Running and Pitching Your Way to a H2H Championship

This strategy is simple (and is by no means mine!): you collect a dominant pitching staff that should win Ws, Ks, ERA, WHIP every week, and an offense that should win Rs, SB, and AVG every week. By adding 3+ closers and finding some offensive studs early or cheap power late, you should be able to grind out some wins in Saves, HRs, and/or RBIs some weeks as well. You won't dominate any weeks in H2H, but if you pull it off, your team would be very, very hard to beat. If anything, it's a fun twist to add to draft day. Just hope that your league mates don't catch on until it's too late!

I am thinking of trying out this strategy this season and would love to start a discussion about it here with you all.

After only a couple of mock drafts it was clear to see that filling out the infield is going to be difficult; the depth at C and 3B is already thin as it is, so limiting yourself to players that fit your profile makes it tough. A great way to counter this disadvantage is to target players that could be serviceable starters that can be had in the last few rounds of a draft. I love being able to set aside a position for an entire draft (of course, as long as you get your man in the end!). 3B is especially bad, so here's my question #1:

Who do you guys like at 3B for this strategy? There's plenty of talent here, but not specifically for this tactic. If you are at the beginning of the round and can get Hanley at a reasonable value at the back the 2nd, then you're golden. If you're not and can get Wright a bit later at good value, that would be a good play as well. But his current ADP (low 30s at both Yahoo! and MDC) seems a bit high for Wright especially given his plummeting AVG. After those two, things get more complicated. Bonifacio fits the profile, but his value is inflated a bit IMHO.

I like: Chase Headley. It's not like the AVG is a guarantee, but he showed improved patience last season that is better in line with his minor league numbers. While we are looking for the 3 categories, if you can get your starting 3B in the last round and get a solid AVG, double-digit steals, and perhaps some more runs in a (slightly) improved Padres line-up, that is good value.

Question #2:

Who do you like at catcher? Same issue as 3B, although you absolutely should not be taking an elite C with this strategy. Basically the plan here is to wait until the teens, and simply get someone who won't be a black hole of AVG and at least help your case in the counting cats.

I like: Jesus Montero (ST reports on his defense, and therefore his imminent C eligibility, will play a big role here) Devin Mesoraco, Yadier Molina.

Question #3:

Who do you like for cheap power late? 1B is another position that you can luxuriously wait upon with this strategy (interestingly enough, Howie Kendrick makes a neat 1B play if you get one of the studs at 2B early). If you do a good enough job bolstering your AVG early on, you can also get a bit lenient with who you end up plugging in at first. David Ortiz is a guy that I would be salivating over if the cards fall right with this tactic.

I like: Adam Lind, Lucas Duda, Justin Smoak, Brandon Belt, Kendrys Morales.

Question #4:

Who do you like in general?

I like: Jose Altuve (another wait and plug-in for 2B), Cameron Maybin, Jose Tabata, Brennan Boesch, Colby Rasmus.

To top it off, here's a team I recently drafted in a Yahoo! 12 team mock:

C: Mesoraco

1B: Kendrick

2B: Altuve

SS: Jeter

3B: Hanley

OF: Kemp

OF: Adam Jones

OF: Maybin

UT: Boesch

UT: Duda

BN: Tabata

BN: Headley

SP: King Felix, Zack Greinke, David Price, Jon Lester, Tommy Hanson, Shaun Marcum, Mike Minor

RP: Jordan Walden, Rafael Betancourt, Kensley Jansen, Jonny Venters, Addison Reed

Compiling your staff is a ton of fun. I would have liked to have 3 guaranteed closers, but closers weren't going off the board as I liked so I instead got three studs who will help with Ks, ERA, and WHIP and hopefully get some save opportunities down the road.

Apologize for the length. Any and all thoughts are much appreciated. Unless you tell me to go fudge myself, in which case...not appreciated!

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