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Hello all. I am in a 10 team Fantasy Baseball league. The scoring goes as: single=.5point, DBL= 1point, TRPL= 1.5 pts, HR= 5, BB= .5, RBI= 1, R=1, Stiekout= -.5. The pitching is Out=.5, K=1, BB= -.5, Hit= -.5, ER= -1, Win= 10, Loss= -5, SV=4, HD =1.

This is a head to head league 24 regular season weeks, 8 teams make the playoffs. Here is my roster. Let me know what you think. I think it is a high risk, high reward team. I reached at some spots but I think it was for good reason. I will put the (ronumber overall picked) next to he name. You can play 5 SP a day, 3 RP a day and then a P spot for either another SP (if you have 6 starters going in one day) or another RP.

Also this is a $100 buy in and $1 per transaction league. Winner gets $1000, Second gets Money back plus a little more (Acquisitions add up).

C: J.P. Arencibia Tor (148) 1B: Eric Hosmer KC (33) 2B: Dustin Ackley Sea (113) SS: Asdrubal Cabrera Cle (68) 3B: Evan Longoria TB (8) OF: Giancarolo Stanton Mia (13) OF: Chris Young Ari (88) OF: Desmond Jennings TB (93) UTIL/DH: Freddie Freeman Atl 1B (128) Bench: David Freese Stl 3B (188) Bench: Yoenis Cespedes Oak OF (193)

SP:Tim Lincecum SF (28) SP: Dan Haren LAA (48) SP: David Price TB (53) SP: Ian Kennedy Ari (73) SP: Yu Darvish Tex (108) SP: Max Scherzer Det (133) SP: Clay Bucholtz Bos (173) SP: Jhoulys Chacin Col (213) SP: Kyle Lohse Stl (228)

RP: Andrew Bailey Bos (153) RP: Javy Guerra LAD (168) RP: Frank Francisco NYM (208) RP: Jonathan Broxton KC (233)

Let me know what ya think and I'll rate your team as well! I think my team is high risk, high reward. There is a lot of power there that I think is hidden in a lot of peoples eyes. I think Stanton, Hosmer and Young will all hit over 30 HR's which many people may not have seen especially in Hosmer and Young. Longoria, when healthy, is one of the best in baseball and I think my pitching is very deep especially at the starting position. Let me know what ya think! Thanks!

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