Keeper League Trade Help/Advice

I have been offered a trade in a Keeper League with the following set-up: Keep 15 MLB players per year and 5 MiLB players per year. Head to head with scoring categories of R, HR, RBI, SB, E, AVE, OPS, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP.

I am in need of a 2B guy and have been offered the following trade. My question is whether this makes sense for my team both this year (which I think it certainly does), but the impact of the trade for next season and beyond.

I was offered Ian Kinsler and a draft pick for 2013 in exchange for Bryce Harper - as of right now, how high the draft pick is, has not been determined but I would likely want it to be pretty high, if not his first pick. Should I ask for more?

My team:

C: Russel Martin

1B: Adrian Gonzalez

2B: Mike Aviles

3B: Ryan Zimmerman

SS: Jose Reyes

OF: Jay Bruce

OF: Giancarlo Stanton

OF: Jason Heyward

UTL: Eric Hosmer

UTL: Drew Stubbs

BENCH: J.D. Martinez

SP: Felix Hernandez

SP: CC Sabathia

SP: Yovani Gallardo

RP: Joel Hanranhan

RP: Sean Marshall

P: Greg Holland

P: David Hernandez

P: James Shields

BENCH: Daniel Hudson

BENCH: Mike Minor

BENCH: Tommy Hanson

BENCH: Colby Lewis

Minor League roster has 10 players that can be brought up at any time:

MiLB: Casey Kelly

MiLB: Bryce Harper

MiLB: Manny Banuelos

MiLB: Gary Sanchez

MiLB: Gary Brown

MiLB: Bubba Starling

MiLB: Anthony Rendon

MiLB: Francisco Lindor

MiLB: Will Middlebrooks

MiLB: Brandon Nimmo

I have plenty of OF guys that could come up in the next several years to pair with my core of Bruce, Stanton, and Heyward which is very young already so losing Harper wouldn't be that big of a hit, but is he that 'special' that I should think about this trade offer more? And I am a bit worried about Kinsler's propensity to miss time each year with injuries. This team has been bad for a while but has made the playoffs two of the last three seasons (missed out last season), so I have been agressive with trades...

Thanks for any and all opinions.

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