Spring Training Pictorial: Dodgers vs Giants

ST St Patrick's Day

Is there anything I could possibly add to that photo?

This pictorial will be in two distinct sets of minor league camp, which I visited in the early afternoon and then the Dodgers/Giants game which took place last evening. With a full house it was tough to accumulate a plethora of great pics, though I think we did alright. We continued to strike out in terms of knowledgeable fans seated behind us though, as we overheard one fan refer to Juan Rivera as "the best player in baseball right now" without a trace of irony in his voice. As I tweeted (@cdgoldstein) yesterday, if you have the opportunity to check out a minor league game, or even instructs, I highly recommend it. It gives you a nice up-close look at the future of your franchise and is free to boot!


Manny Mota


The top Dodgers hitting prospect according to some: Joc Pederson


James Baldwin III is nowhere close to the majors but you can dream on the tools


Back to Pederson


Together at last. Only future CF missing is Leon Landry (He was there but we weren't able to snap a pic)


Another Baldwin III


Dodgers LHP Matt Laney receives one-on-one instruction


Unknown minor leaguers work on likely unnecessary skills


You know it's Spring Training when a rehabbing player is riding around on a tricycle (Rubby De La Rosa)


Well...Jose Vizcaino is retired so I suppose he can ride a bike, Spring Training or not. At least it's a two-wheeler.


Great Lakes legendary coach John Shoemaker


"You mean we can't have any of this?"

"Nah, it's all for Dee Gordon."

"Five bucks says Coffey eats it first"


"Watch me lean and watch me rock

Superman dat..."


Dodgers prospect Brian Cavazos-Galvez put on a nice show in BP


Dodgers prospect Angel Sanchez (RHP) could be a fast riser after a very nice 2011 season


Baldwin III taking some swings...


...or not


Former first round pick Zach Lee (right) and another minor leaguer




2009 second round pick Garrett Gould (center) is the only one even somewhat facing the camera. The rest are unknown.


Dodgers farmhand Bret Montgomery (RHP)


Dodgers Assistant GM and Head of Player Development DeJon Watson


Dodgers RHP Red Patterson will look to start 2012 at Double-A Chattanooga


Minor league outfielder Nick Akins swings and misses


Remember when Pedro Baez was the Dodgers future at third base?


RHP Steve Smith (yes, there are like 1000 of them) warms up


And now begins the major league portion of the pictorial...


Oops! One more minor league one slipped in...


Packed house for the rivalry game


Another crowd shot


Don Newcombe threw out the first pitch


And he's still cool enough to keep up with the new handshakes


OK, LA fans arrive late, but it seriously was a packed house. Set a new Cactus League record


The Harangutan! He "pitched" in this game. He stunk.


No longer a prospect by rookie standards, Brand Belt is the top bat in the Giant minor league system. I'm thankful they seem to lack the foresight to play him over Aubrey Huff or Bret Pill...


And this is why... #Belted


Hector Sanchez also made an appearance


Justin Sellers starts his slide REALLY early. You get the feeling he'd be the guy who arrives to a party while the host is still in the shower.


You might think I'd be remiss not to mention Juan Rivera until my third game here...but I'm not. Even if he is the "best player in baseball"


A rare "Matt Kemp not wearing a hat" photo.


During the offseason, Ronald Belisario admitted to doing cocaine. He claims he only did it once, though I assume that one time was for the last year and a half. He's since stopped using, but continues to throw a mean sinker.


This is by far the oddest message I've ever seen displayed on a stadium message board. It just raises so many questions. I hope Ben did OK.


Needed to end my night on a high note since the game ended in a tie. I hope you understand...

All pictures courtesy of Alexis Goldstein

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