Perfect Draft

It's important to go into a draft with a perfect vision of what you want to leave the table with. However, you must be willing to just let your perfect vision go. Nothing is worse than watching your picks slip away and then continuing with that vision only to find your team with more holes than swiss cheese.

I know you are going to disagree but... here is my perfect draft:

I like to pick later in the first round

Round 1 Hanley Ramirez

Ladies and Gentlemen, it was only one year. If I can get this Marlin with pick 9 or 10 he will do more than return value. He has to face adversity and that will bring the best out of him. Also, I know that no one thinks that Reyes will play every game. Oh and one more thing, he'll be 3B eligible by mid April pending injury.

Round 2 Ian Kinsler

Brett Sayre has written enough about this guy. He plays on an offense where there are more than enough counting stats to go around. The average can leave a significant dent but at this scarce a position I'd rather have him than wait and hope I get Uggla or Utley.

Round 3 Andrew McCutchen

Too many seasons he has been alright and this year is his for the taking. I have no problem with filling short and second before coming to the deepest position.

Round 4 Paul Konerko

He's old. However he managed to make a terrible White Sox Season into a great year for him. He will be bating along side a well-improved Adam Dunn (See my post in titled "He's Not Dunn") and a change in manager. The bating average won't be .300 again but the power is still strong

Round 5 Mike Napoli

I'm not going to wait until I am stressing over Wilson Ramos falling 7 spots to me in the 20th round. He's getting the playing time that he never did before and like I said about Kinsler, the counting stats will be there in an offense like the one in Arlington.

Round 6 Carl Crawford

I play in a league of Red Sox fans so this slot may be way to late, or way to early. He apologized and is moving on. The man APOLOGIZED for his bad season. Something tells me that he is willing to make an improvement.

Round 7 Alex Rodriguez

"The hate has gone too far" said Nate Ravitz about some football player that fell to far in drafts. I don't think the statement has been more true than right here. The contract looks bad, he looks bad, but this pick looks good. He may not be the A-Rod of old but I think he'll give it a go one more time.

Round 8 Matt Moore

Like I said in my post in titled "When to Take Pitchers (And A Lot of Them)" He's the real deal. I have no problem with taking him as my ace, but I hope to back him up with a few more pitchers to come.

Round 9 Shin-Soo Choo

It was one year. The injuries will not recur and he will go back to being a top 25 outfielder .

Round 10 Adam Wainwright

It was TJ. His team just won it all. He wants to come back and pitch. 2+2=success.

Round 11 Matt Garza

The strikeouts are worth drafting by themselves. He was a bit too unlucky last season and may not get you the wins, but a #3 starter like Garza is fine with me.

Round 12 Jason Heyward

90% better can't be worse than 2011. After a promising 2010, this guy has turned into a high-end post-hype sleeper.

Round 13 Cory Luebke

It's PETCO. The Padres are going to need someone to step up big time after losing ace Matt Latos and closer Heath Bell. This is going to be the guy.

Round 14 Dee Gordon

40 stolen bases easy. The Dodger offense is slow moving and they are going to need to get things going off the top with Gordon's bloop single and steal of 2nd.

Round 15 Johnny Cueto

He's and ace and by May he will out pitch the new guy Latos while keeping your ERA and WHIP in check

Round 16 Mark Reynolds

80/35/80 is a steal in the 16th and the versatility of first and third eligibility allows for roster moves without many restrictions.

Round 17 Brandon Morrow

He's a solid #6 with the K/9 of an ace

Round 18 Jason Kipnis

Mostly just a flier on what could be a solid starter

Round 19 Jesus Montero

He may not be catcher eligible now but incase Napoli goes down, I'll take 20+ HRs

Round 20 Colby Rasmus

New place for a whole year. Sweet!

Round 21 Adam Dunn

See post in titled "He's not Dunn"

Round 22 Kenley Janson

Craig Kimbrel, part 2

Round 23 Bryce Harper

As of now he's here, but he will climb

Round 24 Jim Johnson

Kevin Gregg, really?

Round 25 Addison Reed

Matt Thornton isn't the guy.

I know you disagree, so tell me what I did wrong or who is over/under valued.

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