Fantasy Basketball Pick-N-Roll: Waiver Wire Scoops From Tuesday

Welcome back, folks. It's been a whole day since we hit up the waiver wire, so let's go ahead hit refresh on that front. This show is going to tackle all the adds from Tuesday night. Although since we only have six games to cover, we'll be able to address some strategy, buy-low and sell-high candidates, and players that might be on the chopping block.

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1. Nikola Pekovic (MIN)- Goodness. 23 points, 10 boards, two steals and three swats in 37 minutes.

2. Reggie Williams (CHA)- Balled. 21 points, five dimes and two triples in 37 minutes. He will help any team for the next two weeks or so. The problem is that he will likely fall off once DJA and Hendo come back.

3. Channing Frye (PHX)- Second good game in a row with 14 points, five boards, two treys and two blocks.

4. Jared Dudley (PHX)- Picked it up, as expected. 19 points (on 7-of-9 shooting), three from downtown and a team-high +19 in +/-.

5. Stephen Jackson (MIL)- 30 minutes and a choke job at the end.

6. Ersan Ilyasova (MIL)- Turkish Roller Coaster living up to the billing. As per usual.

7. Ramon Sessions (CLE)- 30 minutes would usually give him a decent line.

8. Derrick Williams (MIN)- Big roto game of 14 points, eight boards, one steal, three blocks and a triple.

9. Gordon Hayward (UTA)- A little disappointing in his homecoming. 11 points in 23 minutes.

10. Alonzo Gee (CLE)- Gees up, schmoes down. He played great D and put up a useful line of 17 points, two steals, a block and a three in 35 minutes.

11. Mike Dunleavy (MIL)- 17 points, four triples and 37 minutes is enough to at least grab your attention. Delfino just can't put anything together.

12. C.J. Miles (UTA)- Miles got hot with 12 points, two triples, a steal and a block in 25 minutes. He'll probably fall off next time out.

13. Brandon Rush (GSW)- Three triples.

14. Jimmer Fredette (SAC)- Three triples.

15. Markieff Morris (PHX)- Lost a step in the Frye Guy contest. Keep him on your radar though.

16. Derrick Brown (CHA)- 10-of-10 for 20 points is pretty much a 158.3 SF rating.. That's a football joke.

17. Byron Mullens (CHA)- Not sure if the Bobcats didn't want to throw Biyombo into the fire here, but BB only got 22 minutes.

18. J.J. Hickson (SAC)- It's probably nothing.

19. Wes Johnson (MIN)- Might have a nice game on Wednesday.

20. J.J. Barea (MIN)- Luke Ridnour starting to lose his grip a little.

21. Michael Redd (PHX)- Nice to see 14 points. No threes though and he won't be able to play decent minutes on B2Bs.

22. Anthony Tolliver (MIN)- Possible spot-start.

23. Josh Howard (UTA)- He played 27 minutes and scored eight points. The smart money is betting on a DNP coming his way in the near future.

24. Udonis Haslem- He doesn't do much besides board and score.

25. Jermaine O'Neal (BOS)- Only a play away from his knees going out on him again.

26. Christian Eyenga (CLE)- Hey, he played.

Thanks for reading!

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