When to take pitchers (and a lot of them)

Everyone has heard not to take starting pitchers too early in a 10-team 5x5 league, but when should a good manager like you take your pitchers?

I believe the end of the fourth tear pitchers are the best. Loaded with upside, skill, and injury improvements, these pitchers are all worthy of stocking up on in the middle rounds.

Who are these pitchers?

According to Mock Draft Central, here are the pitchers and their ADPs that I am talking about:

Matt Moore (100)- the real deal

Gio Gonzalez (104)- the change of teams doesn't change much except a slightly better offense and last year's success is no joke

Adam Wainwright (104)- coming of TJ, this guy is ready to rejoin he championship team

Matt Garza (112)- the Cubs kept him and his stuff and Ks are still there

Brandon Beachy (116)- he will finish the year where he left off in that strong second half

Johnny Cueto (117)- coming off an injured beginning, he started strong and I feel that he can continue his success this season

Yu Darvish (117)- who would spend all that $$$ and not be sure that this is their ace? The Japanese season and ball may be different, but his depth of different pitches and the fact that no hitter has ever faced him will turn him into #1 pitcher status

Jordan Zimmermann (121)- the innings cap will not be an issue this year and he could rack up a few more wins with a better offense

Chris Carpenter (125)- remember, he has drafted as an ace last year, don't overate one season

Jeremy Hellickson (128)- although last year seemed to be a fluke, the skills never left, and with some regression he should be a viable fantasy option

Anibal Sanchez (131)- the offense has improved and a few more wins are expected and he has the strikeout power to help himself out of defensive blunders by their new 3B

Cory Luebke (139)- this year will be his first full year as a starter, and by the way... he pitches in PETCO

Getting a few of these guys back to back to back (to back?) in the tenth to fourteenth rounds (or earlier) can be the right spot to start drafting pitchers. If you load up on hitters in the first nine rounds with strong sleepers and fliers at the end could give you a championship team when you walk away from the table.

Feel free to try out this strategy in a few mock drafts and don't be afraid to give feedback!

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