Fantasy Baseball 2012- Early ADP - 3B

So continuing our look at the ADP trends over at Mock Draft Central we go to the shallow abyss known as 3B. It only looks bad now because two new names haven't gained eligibility there yet, (Hanley and M-Cab) but when they do I have the gut feeling that next year we will look at 3B as a position of draft strength. Unfortunately we are drafting for the here and now. So enjoy the in-depth look at the latest drafting trends for 3B.

More after the jump and chart.

Pos Team ADP Earliest Latest Draft %
1 (12) Evan Longoria 3B TB 11.62 4 21 100.0%
2 (31) Adrian Beltre 3B TEX 31.47 14 218 100.0%
3 (33) David Wright 3B NYM 33.25 16 216 100.0%
4 (40) Ryan Zimmerman 3B WAS 41.73 22 274 100.0%
5 (53) Brett Lawrie 3B TOR 54.02 23 86 100.0%
6 (59) Alex Rodriguez 3B NYY 61.04 34 447 100.0%
7 (67) Pablo Sandoval 3B SF 68.49 33 106 100.0%
8 (68) Aramis Ramirez 3B MIL 69.22 38 101 100.0%
9 (83) Kevin Youkilis 3B BOS 84.90 39 393 100.0%
10 (116) Mark Reynolds 3B,1B BAL 118.30 57 455 100.0%
11 (159) David Freese 3B STL 161.84 71 -ND- 99.6%
12 (197) Ryan Roberts 3B,2B ARI 195.72 104 -ND- 97.5%
13 (217) Mike Moustakas 3B KC 214.66 118 -ND- 83.9%
14 (239) Chipper Jones 3B ATL 221.82 195 -ND- 15.5%
15 (246) Mike Aviles 3B,2B BOS 224.38 217 -ND- 3.2%
16 (259) Chase Headley 3B SD 226.63 179 -ND- 83.1%
17 (285) Mat Gamel 3B MIL 229.55 222 -ND- 8.8%
18 (297) Pedro Alvarez 3B PIT 230.70 181 -ND- 26.3%
19 (332) Danny Valencia 3B MIN 235.75 228 -ND- 6.7%
20 (334) Ty Wigginton 3B,1B PHI 236.01 153 -ND- 35.5%
21 (350) Casey McGehee 3B PIT 240.19 216 -ND- 57.3%
22 (364) Lonnie Chisenhall 3B CLE 253.33 245 -ND- 6.7%
23 (391) Miguel Tejada 3B,SS FA 272.98 264 -ND- 15.8%
24 (401) Brent Morel 3B CHW 280.21 271 -ND- 13.8%
25 (419) Scott Sizemore 3B OAK 298.83 289 -ND- 1.7%
26 (437) Jose Lopez 3B,2B CLE 325.71 315 -ND- 4.8%
27 (440) Chone Figgins 3B SEA 327.78 317 -ND- 3.5%
28 (458) Alberto Callaspo 3B ANA 369.14 357 -ND- 0.3%
29 (470) Ian Stewart 3B CHC 410.50 397 -ND- 0.6%
30 (472) Juan Uribe 3B LA 418.77 405 -ND- 1.3%

Players listed as SS:

14 (170) Emilio Bonifacio SS,3B MIA 172.62 88 -ND- 98.9%
19 (318) Jed Lowrie SS,3B HOU 232.87 159 -ND- 26.4%

Players listed as OF:

2 (4) Jose Bautista OF,3B TOR 4.38 1 55


48 (191) Martin Prado OF,3B ATL 191.87 106 -ND- 96.1%

  • After this year losing Bautista and gaining Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez, seems like a gain for the positive. Though losing Joey Bats to anything should be a cardinal sin.
  • Adrain Beltre to me is the sneaky good pick in the 3-4th round. Take your 1B, than best available non-1B, then a solid 3B is the foundation for any winning team.
  • The Brett Lawrie hype machine is legitimate and definitely worthy. Kid is going to be electric for years to come, as long as he can stay away from the Edward 40 Hands parties. Should be a consistent 20/20 guy from a position not normally accustomed to it. A line of .280/25/80/80/25SB's is definitely the median in the floor/ceiling.
  • A-Rod is not the usual A-Rod. Let's be realistic he isn't Benjamin Button here. Moderate results as he probably misses 20 games due to injury. Even then in that lineup he is a run scoring machine. A line of .290/25/90/90/5 SB isn't completely useless for fantasy in the 6th round.
  • I read recently that the Panda put back on some weight, he says "It's muscle". Now I don't really see this as being a problem per se, as he seemed to wear down at the end of the year. Could be the nice mid round sleeper pick that we all covet.
  • 3B seems to hit the shelf for fall-off right around "The Greek God of Walks", Kevin Youkilis, and I say it starts with Youkilis. He is coming back from injury on the wrong side of 30 and for me I'd rather burn an early pick an Aramis then be stuck with the question marks after him in the draft rankings.
  • My 2 late round grabs for sleeper type or if your stuck for the spot are Danny Valencia and Brent Morel. Valencia is entering his year 27 season,if your into that type of thing. Morel shocked the fantasy world when he went all Joey Bats on last September and clubbed 8 homers. Late season blooms can be a good thing the following year just don't overdraft it.

So it gets ugly quick, that's the harsh reality of fantasy baseball. Get caught in the middle of a draft run and your in trouble. 3B is not the position you want to be stuck without a decent play everyday guy. You need a top 10 guy from this list or you will be shuffling all year to look for value. So look early at the position even if it's a round early. I would rather have a 3B and be stuck looking for OF or SP depth later as there is always an abundance at those positions. Good luck and happy drafting. Questions, comments and roster issues are always welcome.

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