Fantasy Baseball 2012- Early ADP - 2B

So today we will look at the position which I think has the greatest depth for fantasy purposes, 2B. Lots of good rosterable names on this early trend report. Some as mid-draft finds or some as later round gems. I will give some analysis after the chart.

Player Pos Team ADP Earliest Latest Draft %
1 (11) Robinson Cano 2B NYY 9.64 3 36 100.0%
2 (17) Dustin Pedroia 2B BOS 18.65 10 38 100.0%
3 (23) Ian Kinsler 2B TEX 23.62 13 35 100.0%
4 (53) Dan Uggla 2B ATL 54.29 25 394 100.0%
5 (62) Brandon Phillips 2B CIN 61.76 31 210 100.0%
6 (76) Chase Utley 2B PHI 77.29 42 363 100.0%
7 (78) Rickie Weeks 2B MIL 79.83 53 306 100.0%
8 (81) Ben Zobrist 2B TB 82.37 38 117 100.0%
9 (105) Howie Kendrick 2B ANA 104.32 63 141 100.0%
10 (133) Dustin Ackley 2B SEA 135.81 74 180 100.0%
11 (139) Neil Walker 2B PIT 143.80 98 212 100.0%
12 (147) Danny Espinosa 2B WAS 150.36 95 213 100.0%
13 (152) Jemile Weeks 2B OAK 153.80 98 -ND- 99.8%
14 (162) Jason Kipnis 2B CLE 164.96 76 -ND- 99.4%
15 (224) Alexi Casilla 2B,SS MIN 217.16 203 -ND- 6.4%
16 (271) Jose Altuve 2B HOU 227.48 220 -ND- 10.3%
17 (311) Aaron Hill 2B ARI 231.55 163 -ND- 85.5%
18 (323) Gordon Beckham 2B CHW 233.55 188 -ND- 28.3%
19 (327) Kelly Johnson 2B TOR 234.26 160 -ND- 71.1%
20 (351) Brian Roberts 2B BAL 240.98 201 -ND- 53.9%
21 (369) Omar Infante 2B MIA 257.47 249 -ND- 14.8%
22 (389) Johnny Giavotella 2B KC 274.01 265 -ND- 4.2%
23 (419) Ruben Tejada 2B,SS NYM 317.44 307 -ND- 0.3%
24 (440) Darwin Barney 2B CHC 332.95 322 -ND- 0.5%
25 (450) Robert Andino 2B,3B,SS BAL 362.93 351 -ND- 0.3%

Players Listed as 3b:

12 (197) Ryan Roberts 3B,2B ARI 196.23 108 -ND- 97.6%

Players listed as SS:

18 (292) Sean Rodriguez SS,2B,3B TB 229.54 212 -ND-


  • Three 2B in the first 2 rounds seems about right to me. You know what your going to get out of Cano, which is basically corner OF production from a MI spot. The "Dirt Pig" is an all energy player that puts up decent stats in all categories. Kinsler is the "little-if-that-could". Sure, he can produce 30/30 but will he stay healthy?Personally, it's worth the gamble late/early rounds 2/3.
  • Let someone else take the gamble on Utley. I just don't see him returning to the elite level as a 33 year old.
  • My two undervalued picks are Ben Zobrist and Howie Kendrick. I like that they both have multiple eligiblities, and i love that they are getting picked in the 7-9 rd range. I personally think the addition of Pujols will have the greatest effect on Kendrick in that line-up.
  • The big debate I have seen over the internet is Jason Kipnis vs Dustin Ackley. To me there isn't much of one, Ackley is a better real life player and Kipnis is a better for fantasy player. Kipnis is arguably in a better line-up, definitely a better ball park and a better mix of power and speed.
  • Lots of value late, Jemile Weeks should be given free range on the bases making him a great source of steals after Rd 13, and will be on most of my teams this year either as my 2B or MI.
  • Love me some Jose Altuve. Kid reminds me of me when I was in the 8th grade, but shorter. Houston is going to be terrible, but if he hits he makes a great set it and forget candidate for 2B.
  • You can't go wrong at the end of your draft with taking Aaron Hill or a Kelly Johnson. Both showed promise in their new situations and the line-ups around them are only getting better.
Overall, I love the depth that 2B is offering. You can get great production at the top and be thankful for their selections. Take middle round talent that should meet or exceed their draft position. Or take a flyer on a savvy veteran or young up-and-comer late and be kindly rewarded. The draft that you're in will dictate who and where you take people, but the research of who you want is where you win. Good luck, and happy drafting.
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