Fantasy Hockey 2011: The Good, the Bad and the Streaky


Matt Moulson, Islanders (1 G, 5 A, +4, 0 PIM, 2 PPP, 12 SOG) - It's hard to believe that a player selected in the 9th round in the 2003 draft is having quite a career year. Then again, with the year the Islanders are having so far this season, they will take any bright spot that comes their way. But the draft selection and overall team performance makes it difficult to gauge whether this is legit or maybe he's benefiting from being paired up with John Tavares or both. Still, the fact that he's set to break his previous season high total of 31 goals, 22 assists and 53 points goes to show that growth and development is certainly happening and that this is not simply a hot streak for Moulson, whether it involves Tavares or not. There are some leagues who are balking at Moulson in free agency but I say that is folly when he is performing like he is and would make a excellent depth move for the roster or a fill-in the roster if injuries are dragging you down.

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Craig Anderson, Senators (3 Wins, 1.48 GAA, .958 Save%) - Well, well. This maybe what the Senators were seeing in Anderson. Then again, the whole team is playing quite hot lately but Anderson has certainly played quite a role in keeping the games close. He's only let it two goals or less in 7 out of 9 total games so far this month. Inconsistency was his issue for some who invested in him earlier this season but now he may be finding his footing and so long as the Sens are playing hot hockey and keeping their playoff dreams alive, he's well worth playing as a G2 on your team.


Ryan Miller, Sabres (1 Win, 4.97 GAA, 8.25 Save%) - That's it. I am freaking out now. This guy was a stud last year and has done nothing but give owners anxiety attacks over every game he starts so far this season. The only thing going for him is that Jhonas Enroth hasn't fared that much better in the past several games and can pretty much think he's ok for his starting job for now. Still, Enroth should be firmly handcuffed to any team that has Miller as their starting goalie because the inconsistency is not looking like it's going to go away anytime soon.

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