5 Players Switching Leagues

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I'm taking a look at 5 position players who have changed leagues this off-season, going from the American League to the National League. If you play in a one-league fantasy league, don't forget these guys on draft day. Here's a little synopsis on each guy to kick-start your coverage.

Carlos Quentin - Padres LF

Carlos comes over from the White Sox in what can be only characterized as a salary dump by GM Ken Williams. Quentin has good power, but is going to have to contend with the spacious surroundings of Petco Park. He doesn't really hit for average (expect around .250), but you can get 20+ homers and 80 rbi. He will probably play LF for the Padres even though for the past two years he was the White Sox right-fielder. One thing to worry about Carlos is his propensity for injury. He had only 2 at-bats after August 20 due to shoulder problems, and has spent other times on the DL throughout his career due to various injuries.

Melky Cabrera - Giants CF

Melky was acquired form the Royals for Jonathan Sanchez. Cabrera had a career year hitting .305, 18 hr, 87 rbi, 102 runs, 20 sb. He is only 27 and just entering his prime years but I don't expect him to do it again. He qualifies as a CF now, but he will play some LF on the Giants as well, and possibly some RF too. I would expect .270 avg., single-digit homers, 60 rbi, and double-digit steals.

David DeJesus - Cubs RF

David signed a two-year contract with the Cubs to be their right-fielder. He had a down year with the A's last year (he says that was due to hand problem which is now, of course, 100%), which I expect him to bounce back from. He is another guy who can be classified as injury-prone as he has played under 140 games in 5 out of 7 seasons. He doesn't have home run power but hits his share of doubles and triples. I'm thinking .280-.290 avg., 10 homers, 25-30 doubles, 60 rbi.

Jason Kubel - Diamondbacks LF

Jason signed a two-year deal with the Diamondbacks and will man LF for them. When not DH-ing for the Twins he played more RF than LF, but we don't really care about his defense, right? He is a solid hitter with good power who will definitely be helped by playing half his games at Chase Field. He should be a lock for 20+ homers 80 rbi, and he has an outside shot at 30, 100.

Michael Cuddyer - Rockies RF

Another Twin defecting to the NL West, Cuddyer looks to be the next Rockie RF. He should also qualify as 1B and possibly a 2B as well. His numbers should take a nice jump also as he calls Coors Field home now. I would expect numbers similar to Kubel, maybe a drop less. His versatility is a big plus, and don't overlook the fact he can steal 5-10 bags this year.

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