I have 3 Different Teams Can you grade them?

I have 3 teams, but I know one team is pretty bad, but that was my first draft of the season. I did one snake Yahoo Fantasy Football draft and two auction ESPN Fantasy Football drafts. Also can I get a letter grade or a number on scale from 1-10? 

Tell me a few things.

- What you like about my teams (Please do it individually with 3 different teams this can get out of hand)

- What you don't like about my teams

- What you think I can do to upgrade them

- Pick my RB/WR spot for me

Yahoo snake league : 

QB : Peyton Manning, Sam Bradford

RB : LeSean McCoy, Mark Ingram, Cedric Benson, Danny Woodhead, Thomas Jones 

WR : Andre Johnson, DeSean Jackson, Austin Collie, A.J. Green, Jeremy Kerley 

TE : Greg Olsen

Def : Tampa Bay

K : Nick Folk 

Answer the questions above please! And also what do you think about a trade of Peyton Manning and Woodhead for Big Ben an Steven Jackson? I proposed it. 

Espn auction league #1 : I let auto pick fill out the rest of my team after I got my QB, RB, and WR

QB : Aaron Rodgers, Jay Cutler, Kyle Orton, Ryan Fitzpatrick 

RB :  Maurice Jones-Drew, Danny Woodhead, Jerome Harrison, Roy Helu, Tim Hightower 

WR : Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Dwyane Bowe, Hines Ward

TE : Rob Gronkowski 

Def : New England

K : Nick Folk 

This feels like my worst team. Let me hear what you think. 

Espn auction league #2 : 

QB : Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco, Mark Sanchez

RB :  Felix Jones, Ahmad Bradshaw, Jonathan Stewart, Shonn Greene

WR :  Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, Santonio Holmes, A.J. Green, James Jones, Jerome Simpson 

TE : Jermichael Finley 

Def : Detroit 

K : Adam Vinatieri 

I feel my Yahoo team and Espn league #2 team is pretty good. I usually pick up defenses, kickers, and TE's during their bye weeks that's why I only carry one TE, Def, and K. So what do you think? Grade them one by one please. I love fantasy football. 

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