Excerpts from Baseball America Hot Sheet Chat

ATLANTA - JUNE 17: Randall Delgado #40 of the Atlanta Braves pitches against the Texas Rangers at Turner Field on June 17, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Baseball America published their weekly Hot Sheet list yesterday and Braves AAA starter Randall Delgado headed the list as he went 2-0 in the last week, with 15 strikeouts over 13 innings pitched. One has to think the Braves will deal one of Delgado, Mike Minor or Arodys Vizcaino in the offeason.

Here are some excerpts from the Hot Sheet chat:

jason (muskegon, mi): Atlanta would be smart to trade one of their pitchers for a bat right?

J.J. Cooper: At some point I would assume they will make some move like this. They already did to get Bourn, they just didn't have to give up any of the big four prospects to do it.

Totally agree. They need a left field bat, and they can move Martin Prado to third base, and dealing one of their pitching prospects should get a deal done.

Tony (Charleston): I got a chance to see Gary Sanchez hit two home runs on Wednesday. The first one was a shot and the second one cleared the road over the fence (both opposite field). Then saw about 3 or 4 passed balls, then throw out a runner with a perfect throw. Your assessment of Sanchez post-team suspension?

J.J. Cooper: That sums him up pretty well. Very raw defensively and may not be able to stick at catcher, but there are some tools there and the offensive potential is still quite significant.

Sanchez has plenty of time to learn the position, but there have been several reports of attitude problems, so he will have to work on that before he moves forward defensively.

More Hot Sheet excerpts after the jump:

itto (PR): Brett jackson is having a good start in AAA, but it looks like most of the hitters have good numbers in the PCL. Does he have the tools to be an above average CF and leadoff hitter?

J.J. Cooper: There aren't a lot of things about Jackson that are above-average, but he's notable for how many things he does at an average level.

Many project Jackson to be a 20-20 guy in the big leagues, so that's above average for owners in fantasy leagues. Jackson could see some time in the big leagues in September, but I am not sure why he isn't up now,

TJ (Frederick, MD): Color me a bit curious at why there are people buzzing for Hak-ju Lee as a top 10 prospect. I tend to think you guys got it right for the midseason rankings (23rd or so, which I guess means he'll be roughly top 30 when adding in the new draftees). That said, his offense declined since April and he's still raw defensively. This isn't a knock on Lee, I like him, but one would think that a top 10 prospect would be more polished and with more consistent production than Lee.

J.J. Cooper: I'm a fan of Lee now, have to admit I was light on him last year, but I don't see him as a Top 10 prospect. He doesn't and likely won't hit for power. If I'm ranking shortstop prospects, there's a pretty significant gulf from Machado and Profar to Lee.

Lee was hitting .317-.389-.442 with 4 HRs, 22 RBI and 28 SBs at High A before getting promoted to AA this week.

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