Overloaded - need help with who to deal

So my trade for Pujols went through and it has left me in a bind with too many quality 1B players/prospects. In this league there are no minors, so everyone is available if you are willing to have them take up a roster spot. With that being said, all players are able to be kept for up to 3 years. So, here is the problem, with the addition of Pujols, I now have the following players on my team that I am trying to figure out how to move/play them:

Pujols - would trade to upgrade other positions in a big way.

Adrian Gonzalez - raking right now.

Eric Hosmer - waiver wire pick up, so he is untouchable as he will be my 25th round pick next year

Gaby Sanchez - not a HUGE name, but getting me quality stats right now.

Brandon Belt - willing to trade for just about anyone.

I also have Mike Moustakas, Brett Lowrie (both waiver wire pick ups as well), Brennan Boesch and Jose Tabata sitting on my bench, plus Chapman in the bullpen.

My pitching staff is solid with Verlander, Haren, Josh Tomlin and Shaun Marcum. With an innings cap, right now I do not need to add any pitching because I am right where I need to be, plus I am getting good stats from those 4.

Who do I move to upgrade my HR. OPB and RBI stats? I would move Belt, but I am affraid to move Sanchez, Moustakas or Lowrie.

Too many bats in the 1B and OF positions and it sucks when you choose the wrong guy to sit that night. Today was a perfect example of the situation I am in. I was pissed earlier that I had benched Hoismer for the day, when I saw he had an HR and 4 RBIs, only to see A-Gone, Pujols, and Sanchez all went deep as well.

Here is the rest of the team:

C - Suzuki

2B - Kinsler

3B - Beltre

SS - Barney/ Aybar

OF - Pence, Crawford and Ellsburry

To me C and SS are the most pressing needs for upgrades, followed by 2B. So, who to move and is moving any of them worth the return to upgrade those postions?

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