Andrew McCutchen for Carl Crawford ??

In my 4x4 roto, 10 team mixed league I have had a proposal in which I give up Andrew McCutchen for Carl Crawford.  In the big picture of things I see these two as somewhat even, considering the 4x4 scoring.  McCutchen has pretty much been entrenched in the 3 hole this year and I doubt that changes much.  Crawford has been up and down the lineup- hitting in the 2 hole as well as the 3 and 7.  I think the only real concern I have with Crawford is him hitting in the 3 hole in front of LHH Adrian Gonzalez as his sb attempts could take a nose dive if that continues.  Then again, in the 3 hole McCutchen is hitting right in front of LHH Lyle Overbay which could cause fewer stolen base attempts this year as well.


The categories for 4x4 are stolen bases, rbi's, hr's and BA.   I see the categories as this-

Crawford most likely winning the sb batle between him and McCutchen although I could see Crawford in the 30-35 sb range for the year instead of the 40+.  


RBI's- I think this could be almost even but with McCutchen having a few more.  Even if McCutchen stays in the 3 hole I think Crawford playing in the AL in that BoSox line-up will have a lot of rbi's no matter where he hits in the order: 2nd, 3rd or 7th.


HR's: Here McCutchen has the edge.  I think Crawford could hit 20 but McCutchen should be able to nail 25.  Crawford's career numbers in Boston are nothing to get too excited over.  But I think he tops last year's career high of  19.


BA: This is a hard one but I think I have to go with McCutchen on this one.  Sure Crawford has better career numbers and the end result may be pretty close but I think McCutchen has the better chance of hitting .300+ this year between the two.  Maybe they both hit .300...but I think McCutchen hits a tad higher than Crawford.  I'm sure many will disagree with this.


Of course this is all just conjecture on my part, but for the sake of argument, it looks like McCutchen could win 3 of the 4 categories even though they should all be close.  If McCutchen stays in the 3 hole all year I could see him stealing closer to 20 bases as opposed to 30+, especially if he is hitting in front of Overbay all season.  Of course, Crawford could lose sb attempts too.  If this is all true, does the disparity in sb's make up for the categories where McCutchen may have a small chance at coming out ahead?

Any other thoughts or counter arguments?

Thoughts on this trade proposal?

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