Looking for thoughts/info on these cheap players...

I have been trying to find some undervalued players for some of the NL and AL 5x5 roto leagues I am in.  So far I think some of the following players intrigue me somewhat as either bargains - maybe they get some unexpected playing time, are flying under the radar a bit lower than they should be or just are better than people are giving them credit, etc.  Anyway, here is the list- let me know your thoughts.  Thanks.


Chris Denorfia,  San Diego Padres: maybe he eventually beats out Cam Maybin for at bats?

Lonnie Chisenhall 3b Indians: could win the Tribe's 3b job out of ST?  If not, what happens in Cleveland at 3b?

Carlos Carrasco, Cleveland Indians: call me crazy but the guy had a decent stretch of starts last September (6/6 QS).

Tony Gwynn, Los Angeles Dodgers: if the D's can get enough offense out of the power hitters of the team I could certainly see Gwynn playing most days in LF.

Chris Dickerson, Milwaukee Brewers: he could eventually unseat Carlos Gomez and the Brewcrew could use an extra LH hitter anyway.

 Tsuyoshi Nishioka, Minnesota Twins: just looking for some info on this guy.  Looks like he's penciled in the #2 hole in the lineup against LH and RH pitching- any thoughts on this?

Josh Outman, Oakland Athletics: if he's healthy enough he could do fairly well.  I know, big "if".   

Sean Rodriguez, Tampa Bay Rays: thoughts on this guy?  Is he tearing up ST like last year?

Michael Morse, Washington Nationals: I see Morse as eventually getting most of the ab's in LF and Benadina replacing Nyger Morgan in CF.  Then again, Bernadina could drop off the radar completely.

Ian Kennedy, Arizona Diamondbacks: had a surprisingly nice 2010 yet had little fanfare to show for it.  He plays for a bad team, but there are a lot of bad teams in the NL.  So winning 14-15 games would not be a total surprise.

Tyler Colvin, Chicago Cubs: still not enough room in Chicago but he's probably their best offensive threat behind a healthy ARam.

Ryan Kalish, Boston Red Sox: not enough room for ab's in Boston but maybe something works out where he can get on the field somewhere.

Brad Hawpe, Padres: I've not given up hope on Hawpe.  If healthy, he can deliver 25 homers still.

Chris Capuano, Mets: The CC Riders will await the return of Sabathia, until then Capuano is probably the Mets best starting pitcher.   He may have a problem with wins and innings may be a problem...then again so could the bullpen blowing some leads and letting inherited runners score.  But if all that is over hyped then Capuano wins 12-14 games. pitches 180 innings and has a 3.5 ERA.

Taylor Buchholz, Mets: my 2 cents worth says this guy could end up in the Mets rotation before all is said and done.  He looked legit coming up with the Astros.  But I don't think he ever figured out if he's a gb or fb pitcher.  With some tutelage, he could get some cheap wins at the tail end of the met rotation.  

Koji Uehara, Baltimore Orioles: I don't think there's any way he is in the bullpen now that the O's have a closer.  There is an inherent shortage of starting pitchers in AL only leagues, so KU could pay off before all is said and done.

Justin Duchscherer, Baltimore Orioles:  I don't put a lot of stock in Jeremie Guthrie repeating 2010.  So Brian Matusz is the O's best pitcher by default.  I see Duchscherer making the O's rotation, along with Uehara.    

Chien-Ming Wang, Nationals: He's just now throwing in simulated games.  So if all goes well he could be in D.C. by May'ish.  Not that he'll win 25 games this year, but he could help in a few roto categories down the stretch.

Ryan Raburn, Detroit Tigers: this guy seems to be such a slow starter that I'm surprised he's penciled in as the everyday in left field.  Is there any chance Brandon Boesch recovers from free-fall enough to win the LF job?


Thoughts on these guys?  Any other dollar bin guys worth talking about?

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