20 Team Dynasty Baseball Keeper League

20 Team Dynasty $$ League

(R, HR, SB, RBI, AVG, BB) 

$65 a year & multiple payouts

The team missed the playoffs last year but went 133-108-23, so it was very competitive. The roster looks like the following... 
Geovany Soto, Gaby Sanchez, Brian RobertsPlacido PolancoYuniesky BetancourtXavier NadyShane VictorinoCody RossCoco CrispJohn JasoEric SogardAlberto Callaspo, David Dejesus, Conor Jackson 
Jered WeaverBrett MyersMike PelfreyBrian DuensingTim StaufferJake WestbrookJeff FrancisKris MedlenJosh TomlinAndrew BaileyHuston StreetPeter MoylanKyle McClellan 
Chris Carter, Chris Valiaka, Paul GoldschmidtYamaico Navarro, Ruben Tejeda, Everth CabreraChris ParmeleeDestin Hood, Chris Archer, Jeff Locke, Zach McCallister, JC Ramirez, Brandon ErbeEric Arnett,Josh Fields 
You also have the 32nd Pick and 52nd Overall Picks in our upcoming 3 Round MiLB Draft. In-Season you have $30 Bidding Dollars which are used toward picking up MiLB Players. This isn't a loaded team but there are a couple nice pieces to build around and a couple pieces that if you dealt you could really turn things upside down. 

  • We are looking for an owner who's very very active
  • Preferably isn't already in multiple leagues (What happens there is if one's team starts tanking, they usually turn their attention to the other leagues)
  • Have a vast knowledge of the Minor League Baseball Universe
  • Are willing to log on to the league forum atleast 4-5 times a week
  • Respond to emails, texts, and have AIM or Yahoo for contacting league members
If you feel you meet all these criteria then please contact me at, please tell me a little about yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit for our league. Any knowledge of Fantasy Baseball or the MiLB Universe that you think I should know would be helpful as well. Also, if you are apart of 10 Fantasy Leagues, please... this league is not for you.  


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