Offseason NL-Only Keeper League Trade

Last night, I finalized a big trade in the UBA NL-Only keeper league which took about a week and a half to complete. Maybe it was longer. Here is the deal, and I will tell you my reasoning for making the deal.

I trade:

Andrew McCutchen - $20 L1

12th pick in minor league draft

18th pick in minor league draft

I get:

John Axford - $15 L1 (assuming I raise him)

Matt Garza - $15 S1

3rd pick in minor league draft

23rd pick in minor league draft

My reasoning after the jump:

First off, I have a mancrush on McCutchen, so it was not easy for me to deal him. Secondly, this trade was made with reader thomasps3, as he joined the UBA league last season.

My reasons:

1. I have plenty of offense with Matt Kemp, Mike Stanton, Jose Tabata, Gerardo Parra, Wilson Ramos, Devin Mesoraco, Dan Uggla or Aramis Ramirez (won't keep both), Danny Espinosa and Dee Gordon.

2. I have just one closer-Craig Kimbrel, so adding Axford almost guarantees me first place in saves

3. I have Bryce Harper who could start the season in the big leagues, If he does, I think he can put up at least a 15 HR and 15 stolen base performance in his rookie year, with some upside to those numbers. If he starts the season in the minors, he won't be down long, as Nationals' manager Davey Johnson loves him, and will push for him to get called up when they need a boost offensively.

4. I rolled the dice with adding Garza to the deal, I could have had Jhoulys Chacin in the deal instead, but his peripherals turned down last year, and that concerned me. Garza could get traded to the Rangers, but I see them going hard after Yu Darvish. If Garza does not get traded, I think he can put up another low ERA/low WHIP performance in 2012.

5. With this trade, I can focus on drafting a few solid offensive pieces in the draft, rather than spending too much on a closer.

So how did I do? Let me hear it.

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