MLB Trade Rumors: The Albert Pujols Decision

Tonight, on my drive home, I was listening to the Hot Stove show on the MLB Network, and they were discussing the fact that the Marlins are making a STRONG push to sign first baseman Albert Pujols. Strong enough that the Marlins top 4 executives met with a top MLB official to discuss the matter. MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal mentioned that Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria, President David Samson, President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and GM Michael White all met with the official from MLB. Here is Rosenthal's tweet confirming the subject matter of the discussion.

Ken Rosenthal
Sources: Meeting between and Dan Halem of commissioner's office was indeed about matters relating to possible Pujols contract.

As a result, the Cardinals upped their offer to Pujols today as well, so we could get resolution on who will sign Pujols this evening. This from Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Mozeliak said that he imagines the resolution will come "sooner rather than later."

He did not imply that the Cardinals' offer was rigid or final.

"I suspect (a response) is going to come quickly," Mozeliak said. "That would have to come from that camp. ... In this situation we're participants. I don't think we're dictating anything."

It appears the Cardinals expect a quick decision this evening as well, judging from comments from Cardinals GM John Mozeliak. And there is talk that the Marlins are making their strong push as they want to move on if Pujols decides to stay in St. Louis.

Earlier in the day, it was reported that the Marlins had made a 10 year, $220 million offer to Pujols. I would not be surprised to see Pujols sign with the Marlins, and give the Marlins one of the best lineups, if not the best lineup, in the NL East, and maybe the National League.

Update on identity of third team involved in Pujols sweepstakes after the jump (11:00pm):

Now we hear that Pujols is mulling THREE from the Cardinals, one from the Marlins and then a third unknown team. If you want more on this story, head on over to MLB Daily Dish and Baseball Nation.

We also learned that the Phillies made a strong push to sign Jimmy Rollins late Monday night, and the Cubs and Mariners are having talks with the agent for first baseman Prince Fielder. I can see teams starting to make strong moves for players the Cardinals will turn to should they lose Pujols, with Rollins and Fielder being the top two targets.

As it stands now, we could go to bed tonight knowing that the best right handed hitter we all have ever seen playing for another team in 2012.

Update (11:00pm)

Interesting. It appears the Angels are looking to make up for some bad decisions last offseason.

Ken Rosenthal
Sources: pursuing Pujols. Ongoing conversations.

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