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MIAMI GARDENS, FL - SEPTEMBER 26: Anibal Sanchez #19 of the Florida Marlins pitches during a game against the Washington Nationals at Sun Life Stadium on September 26, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Happy Liberation Day, Dodgers fans.  Here are your fantasy baseball links for today, November 2:

Anibal Sanchez Player Projection No. 157 | Fantasy Baseball 365
I believe in the strikeouts. I'm worried about his second-half decline.

2012 Projection: Will Matt Wieters Finally Live Up To The Hype? | Rotoprofessor
I continue to buy into a breakout year for Wieters.

Domonic Brown is On Track for 2012 | Roto Hardball
Domonic Brown struggled a bit last season. Don't let that dissuade you -- he's on track for full time duty in 2012.

Mike Stanton’s New Home | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Interesting stuff about Miami's new ballpark and how it will affect Mike Stanton. Can somebody tell me: Where is the new park located in relation to the old one?  Does it face the same direction?

Player Profile: Brandon McCarthy | Baseball Guys

Given career best performances nearly across the board, including some major shifts in the type of hurler he had long been, and the ever present injury bug, it’s a near certainty that McCarthy will be drafted too early in 2012. I’m not saying he won’t be a decent option in league specific setups because he very well could be, but with major questions about his durability and his "new" style of pitching, I find it nearly impossible to expect a repeat effort in 2012.

Ryan Madson Player Projection No. 158 | Fantasy Baseball 365
In closers, I look for high K/9 potential. I like Madson.

FA Wilson Would Miss His Infield D in Texas | Baseball Analytics

With Sabathia no longer an option and presumably lots of revenue coming in due to two straight playoff appearances and a 10,000 fan-per-game increase in attendance over the past few seasons, the Rangers have plenty of reasons to lock up Wilson. But, in addition to playing for a winning club, Wilson has one big reason to stay: the Rangers' elite infield defense helps him out greatly.

Bartolo Colon in 2012 | Roto Hardball

My early skepticism was turned after a couple of starts and I eventually bought in on Colon for a large part of 2011 as the base skills were too good to write off, but you didn’t have to be an elite level scout or pitching coach to see how much he labored in many of those second half starts which should have signaled many to get out from under Colon at some point in July. All that to say that he will need to prove himself again in 2012. Barring a move to a remarkably favorable home ballpark, I will need to see the 39-year old Colon in action to determine whether or not he is even worth trusting for part of the season let alone the entire way.

Matt Downs, Deep Sleeper | Roto Hardball

[I]n 2011, Downs (1) slashed .276/.347/.518 (2) with a .315 BABIP and (3) will have positional eligibility at 1B, 2B and 3B (and SS and OF if you're in a league that's very lenient with eligibility requirements).

2012 Draft Strategy: Where Should Catchers Be Targeted? | Rotoprofessor
Agree with all of this. Catchers are absolutely to be waited on.

CC Sabathia, Derek Lowe: Off Season Moves | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball

MLB Injury Updates: Wainwright | Roto Hardball

2011 Beyond the Box Score Catcher Defense Ratings: Year-End Edition | Beyond the Box Score
Obviously, this doesn't have much fantasy impact at all, but it can be a useful tool when we're trying to determine playing time. Of course, in many cases, perception (by an organization or starting pitcher) may trump reality.

"C’mon Prince (Stay In Milwaukee)" | The Baseball Project
These songs never seem to work.

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