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Hey guys,


So I'm in a 20 team Dynasty League, this is the first year of the league so we're in the process of drafting players, and one of my league mates offered me a intriguing offer.

My team is built for the future, with prospects all drafted in the 10 round MiLB draft, whose ETA are 2012 or 2013.


The offer was 

Jason Kipnis ($1/6y) + Peter Bourjos ($5/1y)


Colby Rasmus ($3.5/2y) + Zobrist ($8/3y)


I'd be the one giving up Kipnis and Bourjos, 

The league has a $120 cap, and I'm well under that, I can afford to absorb those contracts, I'm just hesitant on giving up Kipnis, be cause he has the potential to be something very special. Also the two players I'm giving up are on great contracts, the Zobrist $8/3y contract is kind of scary because thats a lot for a player your don't know what your getting out of. 


Kipnis is 25 at the end of his 6 year deal, he'll be 31, and Rasmus is 26 and will only be 28 at the end of his deal.

This trade was proposed because the other player didn't have a strong 2B and I didn't have my 3rd outfielder yet, yes I am aware if I give up Bourjos I will still be missing a player, but I intend to replace Bourjos with a pitcher.


So all in all faketeamers, I need your take on this trade, would you do it ? and Why, and if you have time what you see out of these players for the next 6 years in terms of potential and trip slash line.

 My Roster is as follows, 


Kevin Youkilis 3B

Jacoby Ellsbury OF

Peter Bourjos   OF

Kyle Drabek     SP

John Axford      RP

Minors* in the order that I drafted them

Jason Kipnis2B Indians

Jurickson ProfarSS Rangers

Manny MachadoSS Orioles

Nolan Arenado3B Rockies

Dylan BundySP Orioles

Ryan LavarnwayC Red Sox

Josh BellOF Pirates

Jake OdorizziSP Royals

Anthony Rizzo1B Padres

James PaxtonSP Mariners

Archie BradleySP Diamondbacks

Anthony GoseOF Blue Jays

Chris ArcherSP Rays

Derek NorrisC Nationals

Matt SczurOF Cubs

Justin NicolinoSP Blue Jays

I know my MLB side looks like trash, but it is part of a broader strategy, where I can afford to be patient. And have a stud young core, with a lot of cap flexibility.

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