"2011 Zzzzz Team" - Drafting a Fantasy Baseball Team Solely Comprised of "Sleepers"

In today’s age of the internet where Twitter updates can heavily impact which players you start or sit on your fake team, does the term "sleeper" really exist anymore?  More than likely, 90% of your fellow league-mates is aware of the next big thing and will try to beat you to the punch.  Rather than call this post a "sleeper" post, per se, I have decided to try something a little different:  Assemble a team that will compete in 10 or 12 team standard rotisserie leagues (even head to head) solely by drafting outside of the top 100 players, per MockDraftCentral’s latest ADP Report.  Let’s assume the roster set up will be C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, MI, CI, 5 OF, UTIL, 9 P and 8 bench players (30 total).   Standard 5x5 rotisserie categories apply.

If you happen to have your draft and either autopick chooses players you don’t want in the first 9 or 10 rounds, or if you’re a little drunk and miss all of those rounds, then please rely on my guide below and you’ll still be able to compete all season.

C Carlos Santana Cleveland Indians (ADP 115)

OBP of .401 before knee injury de-railed impressive rookie season

1b Carlos Pena Chicago Cubs (ADP 190)

BA liability, all or nothing swinger hit 46, 31, 39 and 28 HR’s last 4 seasons

2B Aaron Hill Toronto Blue Jays (ADP 168)

Despite unlucky .196 BABIP, still hit 26 HR’s

3b Mark Reynolds Baltimore Orioles (ADP 131)

Similar to Pena, no way he can hit below .200, again right?

SS JJ Hardy Baltimore Orioles (ADP 319)

Injuries have shortened last two seasons, should bounce back in Camden

MI Gordon Beckham Chicago White Sox (ADP 203)

Hit .310 in 2nd half and has supposedly put on 15 lbs of muscle in off-season

CI Justin Smoak Seattle Mariners (ADP 334)

Former top prospect unlucky in 2010

More after the jump:

OF Michael Stanton Florida Marlins (ADP 132)

Has power to hit 50 HR’s; how many players can say that? Hit 43 between minors and majors in 2010

OF Chris B Young Arizona Dbacks (ADP 173)

30-30 threat bounced back in 2010

OF Drew Stubbs Cincinnati Reds (ADP 179)

The next Grady Sizemore?  If he improves BA, it could happen

OF Jose Tabata Pittsburgh Pirates (ADP 257)

Bill James’ projections big on Tabata this season

OF Domonic Brown Philadelphia Phillies (ADP 272)

See "Tabata, Jose"

Utility Adam Lind Toronto Blue Jays (ADP 178)

Did Jose Bautista steal Lind’s power in 2010? Went 35-114 in 2009.


P Max Scherzer SP Detroit Tigers (ADP 101)

9.3 K/9 since brief minor league stint in 2010

P Brandon Morrow SP Toronto Blue Jays (ADP 124)

Led majors in K/9 in 2010, needs to work on control to become stud

P Dan Hudson SP Arizona Dbacks (ADP 122)

2nd in league to Felix Hernandez in QS % in 2010

P Francisco Rodriguez RP New York Mets (ADP 150)

K-rod slipping due to personal issues?

P Jeremy Hellickson Tampa Bay Rays (ADP 185)

Hellboy will go higher as season draws near

P Joe Nathan RP Minnesota Twins (ADP 215)

Keep eye on health, but former # 1 closer bargain at this ADP

P Craig Kimbrel RP Atlanta Braves (ADP 227)

If Kimbrel handed closer job in ST, Billy Wagner-clone

P Jhoulys Chacin SP Colorado Rockies (ADP 255)

Youngster in same mold as Ubaldo and Jorge de la Rosa

P Chris Sale RP Chicago White Sox (ADP 294)

If handed the closer job, absolute steal


Bench Ian Kennedy SP Arizona Dbacks (ADP 218)

Bench Ricky Nolasco SP Florida Marlins (ADP 183)

Bench Jonathan Broxton RP LA Dodgers (ADP 206)

Bench Homer Bailey SP Cincinnati Reds (ADP 345)

Bench 2B/OF Eric Young Jr Colorado Rockies (ADP 336)

Bench OF Carlos Beltran, New York Mets (ADP 207)

Bench 1B/CI Ike Davis New York Mets (ADP 210)

Bench OF Tyler Colvin Chicago Cubs (ADP 216)

While most teams try to find the next biggest thing, I advise you to go for bounce-back candidates.  Most fantasy players have a mindset of "what have you done for me lately?"  Take advantage of that.  This team is also living proof you can absolutely wait for pitching and still assemble a balanced team. 

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