Dynasty trades

Couple dynasty trade proposals came into my inbox, wonder what you guys think.

Deal 1: 5x5 h2h, no salaries, 16 teams, deep major league rosters.  My team finished last in almost every offensive category overall, but I have good pitching and a good minor league system.  Only one SS slot, but I have Hanley (my only true stud) w/ Starlin Castro riding the bench.  I have glaring holes on the corner infield.  Another manager offered me:

Mark Reynolds; JA Happ; Dayan Viciedo; and the 10th pick in the FYPD pick (which includes last year's draft class, plus a lot of other guys who went undrafted last year like Belt, so I would get a top 100ish prospect out of it, think Castellanos or Cole) for Hanley.

I didn't think I was getting enough value for my only good offensive player, so my counter was Reynolds, Viciedo, Happ, Wil Myers, and the #10 pick for Hanley, Chris Heisey, and Todd Helton (throw-ins I would have to drop, but maybe of value to the other guy.)  Should I have taken the deal?  Was my counter too much?


Deal 2: h2h, stats are OBP/R/RBI/TB/SB and ERA/WHIP/K/3*W + 2*QS/3*SV + 2*H, ~130m salary cap, 24 teams, very deep rosters (40 man, 225 player total system).  I just joined an established league with several other new replacement teams, my minors roster is actually pretty stacked, but my majors roster is pretty sparse (have to fill a lot through free agency.)  

Another owner offered me: Chris Carter (Oak) and Starlin Castro, both with 300k rookie contracts extendable for four years, for Jeff Niemann (2.090m, 3 yrs), Rafael Furcal (5.15m, 2 yrs), and Shelby Miller (minors, no salary, but if/when he arrives would have same contract as Carter/Castro).  I should take this deal, right (create some more space to bid on FAs plus get young, cheap, controllable talent)?  Or am I missing something? (Furcal has a lot of value in this league because of the stat categories, at least if he's healthy, I suppose...)

All thoughts welcome, thanks.

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