Time for a Trade?

So there's about 2 months left in the regular season, and at this point it has become fairly clear to me what my needs are. I have put together a near ridiculous pitching staff (or it was up until the past few weeks or so) but my offense definitely needs a boost, as I have seriously fallen behind in HRs and RBIs, yet still staying competitive in Runs. There are a few other teams in my league in need of starting pitching and I feel like I hold most of the cards in this particular situation. So, short of seriously depleting what I already have, I'd like a few thoughts from you guys on potential trade options/targets?

The first team proposed a B.J. Upton for Matt Cain trade that I couldn't click 'Reject' fast enough... however he seems to value Cain quite a bit so perhaps he might accept a trade for someone else. I have considered Cain for Morneau (just spitballing here) thinking that he might give him up because of the injury and uncertainty regarding his return. However if he did return it would pay huge dividends for me if he regained his pre-injury form.

The second team in my league seems to be a tad stronger offensively and might be more willing to part with a piece or to in order to add some starting pitching.

Any thoughts or comments you guys have would be greatly appreciated! (This league is a single-season format btw)

My Team:


C: John Buck, 1B: Carlos Pena, 2B: Aaron Hill, 3B: Evan Longoria, SS: Elvis Andrus, OF: Nick SwisherIchiro SuzukiCarlos Gonzalez, Util: Vladimir Guerrero, Bench: Michael Cuddyer, DL: Victor Martinez


Jaime Garcia, Edinson Volquez, Matt Cain, Roy Halladay, David Price, Roy Oswalt, Mat Latos, Ubaldo Jimenez, DL: Andy Pettitte


Heath Bell, Rafael SorianoBobby Jenks


Team 1:

C: Joe Mauer, 1B: Mark Teixeira, 2B: Brian Roberts, 3B: Aramis Ramirez, SS: Yunel Escobar, OF: Matt Holliday, Nelson Cruz, BJ Upton, Util: Buster Posey, Bench: Delmon Young, DL: Justin Morneau

Team 2:

C: Brian McCann, 1B: Albert Pujols, 2B: Ian Stewart, 3B: Scott Rolen, SS: Ben Zobrist, OF: Corey Hart, Jason Heyward, Andre Ethier, Util: Paul Konerko, Bench: Michael Bourn, DL: Manny Ramirez

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