Fantasy Baseball: Keeper League Trade Offer

OK, here's the deal:  I'm in a 12-team keeper league w/ 40-man rosters, 25-man starting lineups, and no limit on minor leaguers, college, or high-school players, as long as you start 25 active major leaguers.  The players we can keep are based on a points system, each player accumulates points based on our scoring system throughout the year, then you get a certain number of "freeze points" inversely relative to your final standing.  I was leading the league nicely until Ethier, Pedroia, Manny, Kendry, and Latos all got injured.  Now I'm in 6th, and holding pretty steady, and trying to decide if I'm better off trading off high-pointing players for top prospects, thus finishing lower and getting more freeze points, or trying to climb the ranks when Pedroia, Kendry, and Latos come back (top 4 get one supplemental draft pick next year).

I have been offered the following trade:

I get:  Eric Hosmer and J.P. Arencibia

 I give:  either Jonathan Broxton or Neftali Feliz

 The question is, do I make either trade, and, if so, which? 

Broxton is 4 years older, but his K/9 and BB/9 are currently much better, but Feliz has so much talent and room to grow, and could still end up an ace starter, which is far more valuable in my league.  Plus, keeping both of them will cost me 20-25% of my total freeze points.  I currently have Wil Myers as my top prospect at C (free to keep), and I'm going to keep Kendry at 1B at a huge discount because he is missing so much time. 

Closers aren't hugely valued in general in the league, so I'm unlikely to get a top-tier prospect for any closer, and I'm limited at the moment to trading with contenders who have room to give in Saves v. Wins.

Also, what are your opinions on Hosmer and Arencibia?  Both are currently tearing up the minors.

Alternatively, I have just been countered with EITHER Arencibia or Hosmer for Francisco Cordero.  Cordero is definitely not a keeper, and I'll be hard-pressed to justify keeping both Broxton and Feliz, so I'll most likely be looking at trying to move Broxton in the off-season.  Which prospect do you like better, in the context of my having a top team next year, barring another ridiculous rash of freak injuries to my top players?

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