Fantasy Football: Tiered QB Rankings For 2010

Below is my list of QBs according to fantasy rank according to a tier system. With the tiers they are listed according to rank in the tier.

Basic scoring system used to rank the QBs.


Tier One QBs-Fantasy studs

1 Peyton Manning-INDY-Dominating QB whose WR talent is the deepest in the league.

2 Drew Brees-NO-Some predicted that Drew's NFL career could be finished a few years back, but he is just brilliant in NO aerial attack.

3 Aarong Rodgers-GB-The heir to Favre only keeps getting better.


Tier Two-A couple of more TDs would turn them into T1


4 Matt Schaub-HOU-Schaub showed what he is capable of when healthy, can he do it back to back years?

5 Tom Brady-NE-The loss of Welker, most likely for first 6 weeks, will drag his numbers down a bit.

6 Brett Favre-Minn-The Old Man still has that canon. Will that leaky left side of the line be better?

7 Philip Rivers-The potential holdout of Vjax has fantasy footallers concerned.

8 Tony Romo-DAL-Romo might falter in the playoffs but gets a lot of fantasy owners into the playoffs.


Tier Three-Decent QBs but not great.


9 Eli Manning-NYG-Lots of young weapons, but can Steve Smith North have another banner year?

10 Jay Cutler-CHI-Mike Martz is a genius, but will their egos get along all year? With such young receivers, will they put up solid numbers in a complicated scheme?

11 Joe Flacco-BAL-The 3rd year QB gets a ig boost with the acquisition of Bouldin

12 Donovan McNaab-WASH-Someone else besides Chris Cooley and Santana Moss has to step up when their running game falters, and it will.

13 Matt Ryan-ATL-Tossing the pigskin to Gonzo and the most underrated wr in the league, Roddy White, will only build his confidence. Stay healthy and produce, easily could move up a tier.


Tier Four-I am happy with these bye week QBs starting


14 Keven Kolb-PHI-The team is all his now. Can he live up to those back to back 300 yard games? And can Kolb contend with those tough Philly fans?

15 Carson Palmer-CIN-If you believe that the addition of Antonio Bryant will bring his numbers back up, its going to be a very long year. Career in in decline.

16 Ben Rothlisberger-PIT-Missing out on the first four games, most likely, is only going to hurt his numbers. And do not forget about losing Willie Colon and Holmes.

17 Chad Henne-MIAThe addition of Brandon Marshall can only help, will Bess step up to be the #2?

18 Matt Leinart-Ari-Only reason he is up this high is because of Fitz.


Tier Five-Roster fillers and fliers


19 Matt Mooree-Car-Moore put up some solid numbers, but this team will still revolve that powerhouse running game

20 Jason Campbell-OAK-Yup this is high indeed, but Louis Murphy has shown play making ability and Zack Miller West, will put defenses on their heels. So they just need Shilenz or DHB to contribute.

21 Matthew Stafford-DET-This kid has guys, but he also has Calvin Johnson to throw too. This Lions team will be much imporved.

22 Mark Sanchez-NYJ-They have a ton of depth at WR and a solid TE, but they will still be a run first team.

23 Matt Cassel-KC-This guy is just a system QB. Jones and Charles will dominate this offense, rushing.

24 David Garrard-JAX-He is not going to tear defenses apart, but with no on behind him pushing for his spot, he will be steady and hand the ball off to MJD a lot.

25 Vince Young-TENN-Vince has ability with his feet and arm, but still is battling issues with that lump above his shoulders at times. If Chris Johnson Holds out, it will be a very long year in Tenn.

26 Alex Smith-SF-Smith does not make huge mistakes and keeping the ball in Gore's hands, will only make him look better then he is. Crabtree getting a season under his belt helps as well.

27 Josh Freeman-TB-Freeman will not make anyone tremble, but he is steady and had some good games as a rook.

28 Kyle Orton-DEN-No Marshall, no Sheffler and Gaffney the #1? The rooks will have to learn quickly.


Tier Six-What did I do wrong that they are on my team?


29 Jake Delhomme-Clev-How many games will he actually play before the QB carousel start up again?

30 Matt Hassleback-SEA-He will start the season as the starter, but Whitehurst is making too much money to ride the pine. J. P. Lossman has apparently looked good

31 Sam Bradford-STL-Exceedingly talented in college, but this is the NJL, and all his weapons are raw or have been plagued by injuries.

32 Trent Edwards-BUF-You know its a mess when people in Buffalo are talkin about Brian Brohm.


Must have handcuffs


Charlie Whitehurst-SEA-Matt Hassleback is very brittle and Charlie is making a lot of cash, he will be eventually throwing to um, Golden Tate and John Carlson?

Michael Vick—PHI-The gimmick QB could be pushed into the starters role if Kolb falters.

Byron Leftwich-PITTAll arrows are pointing towards him being the starter during Big Ben's suspension. He knows the offense, but the running attack will be in full force.

Derek Anderson-ARI-Anderson is very erratic, but if Leinart gets benched or hurt, DA has weapons to chuck the ball up to.

A. J. Feeley-STL-I had just typing the journeyman's name. Bradford will get the nod, if signed.

Ryan Fitzpatrick-Buf-An ok fill in, and must have handcuff to Edwards, keep on eye on the depth chart for Brohm though.

Seneca Wallace-CLEV-He will start, the question is, when.

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