Fantasy Baseball: Midseason Catcher Rankings

As we make our way toward the All-Star Game, we thought it would be prudent to start our midseason rankings. Every few days, you’ll see a new set of position rankings, starting with catcher, today.

One thing it is important to remember when creating or viewing rankings: these rankings are in order of production from this point until the end of the season. No matter how bad the player may have hurt you already, this is where we believe he stands for the rest of the season.

Separate rankings have been done by Ray, Jason (jumperjah) and myself, and then averaged together to get a group ranking, though you can see each of our individual rankings in the chart below as well.

Rank Player Ray Jason Seth Average
1 Joe Mauer 1 1 1 1
2 Victor Martinez 2 2 2 2
3 Brian McCann 3 3 3 3
4 Miguel Montero 5 4 5 4.67
T-5 Mike Napoli 7 6 4 5.67
T-5 Jorge Posada 4 7 6 5.67
7 Carlos Santana 6 5 8 6.33
8 Kurt Suzuki 8 8 7 7.67
9 Buster Posey 11 9 9 9.67
10 Geovony Soto 10 10 13 11
11 Miguel Olivo 14 13 10 12.33
12 John Buck 12 11 15 12.67
13 Ryan Doumit 9 18 12 13
14 Matt Wieters 18 12 11 13.67
15 Yadier Molina 13 15 14 14
16 Rod Barajas 20 14 16 16.67
17 Russell Martin 17 16 18 17
18 Nick Hundley 19 19 NR 18.67
19 Carlos Ruiz 15 NR NR 19
T-20 A.J. Pierzynski NR 20 17 19.33
T-20 Ronny Paulino NR 17 20 19.33
T-20 Jonathan Lucroy 16 NR NR 19.33
23 John Jaso NR NR 19 20.33


It was an interesting group to rank, and not particularly easy as it got fairly ugly fairly fast. One big discrepancy came with ranking Matt Wieters, which should be of no surprise. It more or less comes down to the odds of him finally breaking through. Interesting as well was how different the three of us came down on Ryan Doumit, though considering his injury-riddled past maybe this is less surprising.

Feel free to comment on whom you think we were too high on and too low on, I have no doubt this should cause some conversation.

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