Down On The Farm: Prospect Chat With ESPN's Keith Law

ATLANTA - SEPTEMBER 01: Freddie Freeman #5 of the Atlanta Braves stretches takes his first at-bat against the New York Mets at Turner Field on September 1 2010 in Atlanta Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Here are a few excerpts from Keith Law's prospect chat over on ESPN on Thursday afternoon. I am writing this listening to some classic Grateful Dead-

Let's get to the KLaw chat:

Ryan (Milwaukee)

Lots of talk about Jeremey Jeffress this AFL season. Bottom line, should the Brewers try him in the rotation next year and where does his future probably lie?

  (1:17 PM)

Reliever, for a variety of reasons. But a chance to be elite.

Color me shocked when I read this. Not the reliever comment....the elite comment. wow. Have to think he is at least a year away, but then again John Axford came out of nowhere.  Stealing a line from a fellow UBA league owner-his stuff is "smoking".

Frank Wren (ATL)

How many 'untouchables' minor league players do I have? Is it just Freeman and Teheran?

  (1:34 PM)
 No way on Freeman. Teheran probably, but that would be it in their system.


Man, I wish he had said this about a month ago. Anyway, I am sure there are alot of Braves fans who will be hatin' on KLaw from this point forward. Actually missed this one in my first read through of his chat.

Brandon (RI)

Are you back on the Bumgarner wagon?

  (1:35 PM)

I think he's getting overrated again. The odds of him improving from here are pretty slim unless his old velocity returns - but what he is today is pretty good, especially if he keeps throwing that breaking ball for strikes as he did in game 4.

I argued the same with some friends the other day. I argued that the LAD rotation compares favorably with the Giants 1-4, assuming LAD resign Hiroki Kuroda

Chris (NYC)

Could the Nats sign Vazquez and Lee and make a playoff run in 2012?

  (1:39 PM)

I think Vazquez is hurt - velocity was down all year.

I was a bit surprised when I read this. Curious how much he gets this offseason.

More after the jump:


JP (Columbus, OH)

Klaw, Jay Bruce is now eligible as a Super 2 - shouldn't it be a priority for the Reds to extend him ASAP? I fear they've already waited too long on Votto.

  (1:39 PM)

I would try to extend him because I think his performance is about to improve substantially, and there's a real chance to capture some cost savings rather than just getting cost certainty.

Umm....Jay Bruce just jumped a few notches in my outfielder rankings. I drafted him this year expecting the big breakout year, and it didn't happen.

Mike (NYC)

The Yankees need a young centerfielder. Would the Angels trade Mike Trout for Austin Romine and Pat Venditte

  (1:42 PM)

Best. Question. Ever.

I have to think this was a joke of a question. 

Fred (Austin, TX)

You seem to like Zach Lee. Similar development time to Kershaw, or longer?

  (2:25 PM)

Similar. Stuff isn't quite as electric as Kershaw's.

So Lee pitches in Dodger Stadium in 2012??

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