Rate my team 16 PPR League please!

Ok I will give you round by round draft of my team and I would love for you guys to give me feed back and be honest you wont hurt my feelings and please take my advise if needed.

NOTE****I get 1pt per 25 yards returning punts and kicks with 6 pts for TDS

Round                  Pick - Player                                                  Analysis

1       13- Randy Moss                             2nd WR taken behind Andre. Fitz was there but I am a NE fan.

2       20-Aaron Rogers                          Brees,Brady,Manning, and Rivers gone. Must have IMO

3       45-Kevin Smith                               Scouting Ray Rice, but gone. Felt like a steal at 45.

4       52-Leon Washington                    picked ahead of rbs eg:LJ,addai,Lynch,Benson  21st RB in points in 09 behind Brandon Jacobs in league. Hes my Sleeper Stud.

5       77-Donald Driver                           Rogers-Driver combo! Desean targeted here,but gone at 75. Mason gone too.

6       84-Devin Hester                            Risk pick, but Cutler should target him enough to get Eddie Royal Numbers, plus return freak!

7      109-Kellen Winslow Jr.                Steal of draft, he has had 80+ receptions every year except last year. QB situation scary in Tampa Bay, but TE is QB's best friend. Also no WR's besides Antonio Bryant.

8      116- Beanie Wells                          Risk, but falling this far had to take chance. Hightower was there, but Beanie looked great in 1st NFL pre-season game against GB starters.

9       141-Percy Harvin                          Again risky, but Favre should help his progress. Decided with him over Hakeem Nicks even though Nicks had breakout game last week. Percy is 98 overall in Madden!!!!

10     148-GB Def                             Cutler,Favre,Stafford in NFC north= interceptions plus like GBs players on defense. Miami was the highest ranked defense on board.

11     173-Bernard Scott                Ok going rookie crazy, but am certain he will steal Benson job sooner or later. Benson fumbled twice in 2nd pre-game.

12     180-Laurence Mahroney     Another pick had to take just because he was still there.Who knows he might return to form of rookie season.

13      205-James Davis (Browns)  Another rookie pick what can I say, I am gonna hit with one of these guys!

14      212-Mathew Stafford- needed a backup QB for week 5, but since I have 6 players with byes in week 5 chalk it up as a loss. No starters left on board.

15      237-Laurent Robinson    Starting wideout  with Donnie Avery, but caution watch Hartline in mIami

16,17,18  steve hauschka,matt bryant, matt leinart


OK let er rip and keep in mind I have a trophy from 2007 so you might want to keep my input in the back of your mind, but im not perfect.

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