Team Fantasy Football Preview: AFC South

Can somebody explain how the Titans won so many games last season? Hello?  Anybody?


Indianapolis - I think the Colts have to be the favorite to win the South this year.  The rankings for Manning (#2),  Clark (#1) and Wayne(#7) speak for themselves.  New WR2 Gonzalez (#27) is no slouch either.  The running game should also perform - I like Addai (#15) to return to prominence while rookie Brown (#37) plays a role as well.  Can ALL these Colts be fantasy stars?  They've done it before, I'm banking that they can do it again.

Houston - This team has so much potential.  Andre Johnson (#2) and Kevin Walter (#36) anchor a solid passing game.  TE Owen Daniels (#10) will also play a solid role.  With all these great receivers, the QB should be a stud right?  I have Matt Schaub at #15, which I think is conservative.  He could be Top 10.  Maybe he SHOULD be Top 10.  With a running game anchored by Steve Slaton (#6), there's no reason the running game won't excel.  OK, so wait...the RB1, WR1 and TE all are Top 10?   Even with a conservative rating of #15 on the QB, is there anyway the Texans miss the playoffs?  Am I actually predicting Houston makes the postseason?

Tennessee - They had the worst passing game of any playoff team in a long, long time last season.  Don't expect too much more this season.  Collins (#27) does enough to get by, you won't use him unless your team is decimated by injuries.  TE Scaife (#13) looks promising, but the only WR to make my rankings is Nate Washington (#37) so you can imagine how bad the other guys must be.  The Titans are still run-centric, with Johnson (#11) and White (#33) carrying the team.  You have to wonder how long the Titans can continue to get away with such a one-dimensional offense.

Jacksonville -  Everybody loves Jones-Drew.  He's high up on draft lists and on the cover of several fantasy football magazines.  Where do I rank him?  #2.  Which worries me, because usually the guy they put on the cover of the magazines is the guy that requires the least thought.  Is Jones-Drew that obvious?  I'm worried.  Maybe I should be considering where I rank the passing game.  Garrard (#24), Holt (#39) and...uh...wait that's it.  I don't have any other Jags ranked.  That's bad.  Jones-Drew is a great player, but he can't do it all.  I need to rethink that #2 ranking.

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