Preseason Fantasy Football Rankings: RBs 21-30

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Bush, Reggie


He's more likely to hit 1000 receiving yards than 1000 rushing yards, but as long as your league scores for RB receiving yards Bush is worth this spot.  His value in PPR leagues makes him worth even more. 


Johnson, Larry


The Chiefs will throw more with Cassel and lose a lot of blocking with the departure of Tony Gonzalez.  Johnson is very unhappy in KC and if he stays with the team, it will show.


Lewis, Jamal


I've (incorrectly) predicted his impending doom so many times I could be the press secretary for Kim Jong Il.  If you want to take the risk on him, go ahead.  I won't touch him, I don't care.


Ward, Derrick


He racked up 1000 yards sharing carries last year, so why am I suggesting that he can't do it again while sharing carries this year?  Because the Bucs have a rookie QB and an offensive line that's far more porous than the Giants', that's why.


Thomas,  Pierre


Yes, he had a great season filling in for McAllister, but the Saints are still a pass-first team and Reggie Bush runs the ball too.  I need more from Thomas than one 129 carry season before I buy in. 


Jones, Thomas


With a rookie QB, the Jets will be handing the ball off a lot.  With both Leon Washington and rookie Shonn Greene looking for time, they won't be handing it off to Jones alone. Don't pay for last season's stats.


Parker, Willie


How much more does Parker have left?  The return of Rashard Mendenhall will take a lot of carries off Parker's plate.  That's good for his health but bad for his fantasy value.


McGahee, Willis


Remember on the old cassette tape Walkman, when the battery would be dying and the songs would sloooooowww dooooowwwwn?  That's Willis McGahee. 


McFadden, Darren


He was hailed as the greatest RB of his rookie class, but the Raiders didn't play him when they could've given him the experience and the team had nothing to lose.  The last guy the Raiders did that with was JaMarcus Russell.  Uh-oh.


Wells, Beanie


Three things make me rank Wells this low.  1) The Cardinals won't run the ball that much.  2) Wells will lose goal line carries to Tim Hightower. 3) I think Wells is incredibly overrated.

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