Bailing Season: UBA NL-Only League Trades

With bailing season upon us, the UBA league, an NL-only 4x4 league,  just had its 2nd bailer announce his intentions, so I did my best to improve my team for this season. I am currently in 5th place about 8 points out of 4th place, and about 25+ points out of first. Last season, I was lacking in saves, and this year I am in the same boat.

To address that need, last week I made a trade with a team in front of me, currently in 3rd place, managed by Rad, who comments here on Faketeams from time to time. The two main parts of the deal was me sending him a $10 S1 Rafael Furcal in return for a $10 O Kevin Gregg. With Jose Valverde coming off the DL this weekend, I should be able to make up some ground in saves. I also have Manny Corpas, who could become the Rockies closer should Huston Street get dealt. Then again, I thought he would be the closer last year.

Then on Friday, I made a trade with Eric's brother, the 2nd bailer in UBA, which included me trading away a $5 S2 Andrew McCutchen, $10 S2 Craig Counsell, $10 S2 Kenshin Kawakami, minor league catching prospect Kyle Skipworth and my 2nd round pick in the 2010 minor league draft, for a $42 S1 Lance Berkman, a $14 O Nick Johnson  and a $10 O Carlos Marmol.

I felt I had to give up McCutchen in any deal for a solid power hitter like Lance Berkman, and was willing to give up my 2nd round pick as these 2nd round picks get traded alot during the season as well as the offseason.

In the deal I get Berkman who should hit better than .253 the rest of the way, and the Astros are usually a 2nd half team. I also get Nick Johnson, who is on the trading block, and has been rumored to be headed to the Red Sox. But with David Ortiz finding his hitting stroke recently, I think that rumor could be put on the backburner for now. A team that really needs a 1bman is the Giants, where Johnson would be a good fit. Once Pablo Sandoval's elbow improves, he will be shifted back to 3B, I hope. In addition, I get MR Carlos Marmol to handcuff Kevin Gregg as the Cubs possible two-headed closer.

It was tough to give up McCutchen, but I did not want to make the same mistake I made last year when I could have traded him in a package for Brad Lidge and Dan Haren. Plus, I get 3.5 months of Berkman, and hopefully Nick Johnson. My team is now stocked with power: Berkman, Adam Laroche, Manny Ramirez, Andre Ethier, Mark Reynolds, Matt Kemp, Milton Bradley, and Josh WIllingham. With the surplus of power, I could focus on other areas of need in the near future.

How did I do?

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