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Like all of you, I live and breath baseball, from watching my hometown team in the LWS this year to high school, college, and minor league ball. Also like many of you, I am deeply involved in fantasy baseball, and have come to appreciate the many more complexities that dynasty and minor leagues bring to the table.

I currently run a 14 team, H2H dynasty league with a shallow minors system (8 players, simple call-up rules). Although it is comprised mostly of friends who I've had in my football leagues, it's a fairly competitive league as about 1/2 the guys really "get it"...and we must be doing something right, as we've had zero turnover in owners (something I've never had with the football leagues I've been in) and it is not cheap. However, I still get the feeling that the other half just consider it a sideshow for something to keep them occupied between football seasons.

This has left me "wanting more" out of a premium dynasty league. I've looked around for an existing league to join, by most of those have been found wanting as well, so I decided to create a new league from the ground up with a good friend of mine who is looking for the same things out of a league as well.

We've put a lot of research into other league by-laws and rules and are working to come up with the best ideas from several different leagues. I was also inspired by the concept of John Sickels's Shadow Twins, and have named the league after that: Shadow League Baseball (apologies to anyone else using that name).

Although we are still a few weeks from putting the finishing touches on the Rules, I can say that 90% of the 10+ page document address minor leagues, call-ups, free-agency, amateur draft, etc. After the initial stocking draft, almost all of the focus will be on building dynasties through trades, minor leagues, and amateur drafts. Our goal is to simulate MLB as close as we can.

I know this is an overly ambitious project, but we really want to create a league that will stand the test of time, one that I will still be playing in after retirement. So if you want to get on the ground floor and help guide us to where we want to go, please respond to the email listed below. I will be also posting this in a couple of other places where the hardcore fans tend to congregate.

I'd also take any advice, as we're pretty open to all ideas.

Here are the basics:


  • Format: Rotisserie, Dynasty
  • Players: Mixed AL/NL
  • Teams: Up to 30, representing all MLB teams
  • Scoring: 6x6 (basic + OSP and Holds)
  • Rosters: 25 active, 15 minors
  • Lineups: Daily
  • Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, DH, DH, SP, SP, P, P, P, RP, RP
  • Fees: $50 annual + $1 per waiver wire addition
  • Payouts: Top 6 get a percentage, with winner getting 50%

If you got this far, thanks for reading,
Greg p.

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