BABIPS For Spot Starters - Justin Masterson & Josh Banks

The Leaders & Laggards for BABIP are just for those starting pitchers who have made three or more starts. I did that to filter out the pitcher who had just a spot start or hasn't made it through the rotation more than twice. But why not show those starters who have just a start or two? Wouldn't they be prime candidates for a violent correction? There are a few of these who are scheduled to start twice this week assuming a full week of games.

Justin Masteron pitches Tuesday for the Boston Red Sox and will be a pitcher fantasy teams want to know a lot about whether for keeper leagues next season or those who believe a Red Sox starter is an excellent play on Wins this year. Don't you want to know that he has a BABIP of .138 in his two starts this year?

How about San Diego Padres fill-in Josh Banks who just threw nine scoreless innings? Don't you want to know if he was just lucky according to BABIP? A .292 BABIP says he didn't accumulate 17 scoreless innings this season due to an unusually low BABIP.

BABIPs for starters with one or two starts:

Dontrelle Willis DET 6 0 11 0.111 TUES
Justin Masterson BOS 12.3 9 7 0.138 TUES
Pedro Martinez NYN 3.3 1 1 0.2 TUES
Cha Seung Baek SDN 30 15 13 0.242 MON
Matt Albers BAL 39 21 14 0.254 NO
Chan Ho Park LAN 33.7 16 16 0.262 NO
Kip Wells COL 19.7 16 14 0.275 NO
Jack Cassel HOU 12 3 2 0.275 NO
R.A. Dickey SEA 16.7 6 5 0.276 NO
Seth McClung MIL 30 25 19 0.277 TUES
Kyle Davies KCA 5 2 3 0.278 NO
A.J. Murray TEX 5.3 2 2 0.286 NO
Josh Banks SDN 17 10 5 0.292 NO
Michael O'Connor WAS 9 4 10 0.296 NO
Bartolo Colon BOS 12 8 3 0.297 NO
Jeremy Sowers CLE 10.3 5 3 0.303 NO
Jon Lieber CHN 30.7 17 3 0.32 NO
Nick Masset CHA 24 23 15 0.323 NO
Clayton Kershaw LAN 9.7 9 5 0.333 NO
Brad Thompson SLN 17.7 13 10 0.353 NO
Douglas Mathis TEX 11.3 4 8 0.357 TUES
Mike Parisi SLN 18.3 12 8 0.359 NO
Glendon Rusch COL 4.7 4 1 0.471 NO

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