Top Position Players By VORP

There has certainly been an outage of offense in the American League this season. The questions of why and for how long remain unanswered. Here is a list of the Top 3 players by position using Baseball Prospectus' VORP statistic. Note how much difference there is just between the top player and the third-best one. This would lead me to believe a Stars & Scrubs versus a balance approach may be the best fantasy strategy. Agree?

Also, note how poorly the OF VORP leaders due relative to the other position players. The top VORP is lower. This supports the contention that the OF is "shallow" relative to the other positions. However, the drop-off is not as dramatic. There could be more depth in the OF relative to other positions. This supports a strategy that focuses on acquiring the top positions player at the expense of OFs. Agree?

Finally, look at the top three DHs. This helps epxlain the drop in AL production this season. That extra hitter has struggled mightily. I bet the answer to this question goes a ways to explaining the production outage in the AL.

Brian McCann ATL c 0.331 0.393 0.606 21.6
Geovany Soto CHN c 0.314 0.414 0.601 20.2
Ryan Doumit PIT c 0.35 0.382 0.573 12.4
Lance Berkman HOU 1b 0.382 0.463 0.763 44.7
Albert Pujols SLN 1b 0.351 0.479 0.602 31.1
Kevin Youkilis BOS 1b 0.32 0.386 0.584 20.4
Dan Uggla FLO 2b 0.323 0.402 0.695 32.2
Chase Utley PHI 2b 0.31 0.387 0.63 27.8
Brandon Phillips CIN 2b 0.299 0.342 0.531 16.5
Rafael Furcal LAN ss 0.366 0.448 0.597 26.1
Hanley Ramirez FLO ss 0.304 0.392 0.515 23
Miguel Tejada HOU ss 0.34 0.373 0.518 20.6
Chipper Jones ATL 3b 0.41 0.482 0.687 37.8
David Wright NYN 3b 0.287 0.388 0.52 16
Aramis Ramirez CHN 3b 0.285 0.406 0.513 14.4
Ryan Ludwick SLN rf 0.336 0.418 0.733 24.8
Josh Hamilton TEX cf 0.328 0.375 0.599 23.8
Nate McLouth PIT cf 0.298 0.382 0.602 23.1
Matt Holliday COL lf 0.324 0.414 0.528 19.5
Carlos Quentin CHA lf 0.294 0.408 0.588 19
Pat Burrell PHI lf 0.271 0.413 0.542 16.4
Milton Bradley TEX dh 0.317 0.425 0.566 19
Hideki Matsui NYA dh 0.297 0.381 0.458 12.5
David Ortiz BOS dh 0.249 0.353 0.469 11.8

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