Full Draft Results for FF league

This is the full draft results from the fantasy football league.

Check back for weekly updates on league notes, news, movement, and analysis.

This league used the following roster positions:
1 QB
3 WR
2 RB
1 TE
1 K
1 DB
2 DL

Round 1

  1. LaDainian Tomlinson Boogeyman
  2. Steven Jackson
  3. Larry Johnson Hinz 57ers
  4. Joseph Addai The Wicker Men
  5. Shaun Alexander Omshagomes
  6. Frank Gore Mo Fo's
  7. Willie Parker Niners In Th...
  8. Rudi Johnson Jersey Muggles
  9. Laurence Maroney Rockin Ryan
  10. Brian Westbrook Chiliwhippers
Round 2
  1. Travis Henry Chiliwhippers
  2. Peyton Manning Rockin Ryan
  3. Reggie Bush Jersey Muggles
  4. Maurice Jones-Drew Niners In Th...
  5. Edgerrin James Mo Fo's
  6. Steve Smith Omshagomes
  7. Ronnie Brown The Wicker Men
  8. Clinton Portis Hinz 57ers
  9. Terrell Owens
  10. Brandon Jacobs Boogeyman
Round 3
  1. Marvin Harrison Boogeyman
  2. Cedric Benson
  3. Torry Holt Hinz 57ers
  4. Chad Johnson The Wicker Men
  5. Carson Palmer Omshagomes
  6. T.J. Houshmandzadeh Mo Fo's
  7. Drew Brees Niners In Th...
  8. Larry Fitzgerald Jersey Muggles
  9. Willis McGahee Rockin Ryan
  10. Reggie Wayne Chiliwhippers
Round 4
  1. Roy Williams Chiliwhippers
  2. Anquan Boldin Rockin Ryan
  3. Tom Brady Jersey Muggles
  4. Antonio Gates Niners In Th...
  5. Marques Colston Mo Fo's
  6. Javon Walker Omshagomes
  7. Marc Bulger The Wicker Men
  8. Vince Young Hinz 57ers
  9. Lee Evans
  10. Randy Moss Boogeyman
Round 5
  1. Andre Johnson Boogeyman
  2. Marshawn Lynch
  3. Brandon Jones Hinz 57ers
  4. Donald Driver The Wicker Men
  5. Donovan McNabb Omshagomes
  6. Hines Ward Mo Fo's
  7. Calvin Johnson Niners In Th...
  8. Adrian Peterson Jersey Muggles
  9. Carnell Williams Rockin Ryan
  10. Plaxico Burress Chiliwhippers
Round 6
  1. Todd Heap Chiliwhippers
  2. Reggie Brown Rockin Ryan
  3. Braylon Edwards Jersey Muggles
  4. Thomas Jones Niners In Th...
  5. Tony Gonzalez Mo Fo's
  6. Marion Barber III Omshagomes
  7. Laveranues Coles The Wicker Men
  8. Adam Vinatieri Hinz 57ers
  9. Jerious Norwood
  10. Jon Kitna Boogeyman
Round 7
  1. Chris Cooley Boogeyman
  2. Santana Moss
  3. Deion Branch Hinz 57ers
  4. Jeremy Shockey The Wicker Men
  5. Brandon Jackson Omshagomes
  6. Tony Romo Mo Fo's
  7. Vincent Jackson Niners In Th...
  8. Santonio Holmes Jersey Muggles
  9. Jamal Lewis Rockin Ryan
  10. Philip Rivers Chiliwhippers
Round 8
  1. Nate Kaeding Chiliwhippers
  2. Mark Clayton Rockin Ryan
  3. Devery Henderson Jersey Muggles
  4. Deuce McAllister Niners In Th...
  5. Shayne Graham Mo Fo's
  6. Vernon Davis Omshagomes
  7. Robbie Gould The Wicker Men
  8. Chester Taylor Hinz 57ers
  9. Kellen Winslow
  10. Jeff Wilkins Boogeyman
Round 9
  1. Dan Klecko Boogeyman
  2. Matt Leinart
  3. Alge Crumpler Hinz 57ers
  4. Justin Miller The Wicker Men
  5. Zach Thomas Omshagomes
  6. Ellis Hobbs Mo Fo's
  7. Joey Galloway Niners In Th...
  8. Benjamin Watson Jersey Muggles
  9. Ahman Green Rockin Ryan
  10. Mike Vrabel Chiliwhippers
Round 10
  1. Terence Newman Chiliwhippers
  2. Chris Chambers Rockin Ryan
  3. Matt Hasselbeck Jersey Muggles
  4. Ray Lewis Niners In Th...
  5. Mark Simoneau Mo Fo's
  6. Brian Urlacher Omshagomes
  7. Adam Seward The Wicker Men
  8. Michael Clayton Hinz 57ers
  9. Jason Taylor
  10. Chris Johnson Boogeyman
Round 11
  1. Clint Ingram Boogeyman
  2. Shawne Merriman
  3. Ladell Betts Hinz 57ers
  4. Shawn Barber The Wicker Men
  5. DeMeco Ryans Omshagomes
  6. James Anderson Mo Fo's
  7. Champ Bailey Niners In Th...
  8. London Fletcher Jersey Muggles
  9. Donte' Stallworth Rockin Ryan
  10. Rodney Leisle Chiliwhippers
Round 12
  1. Fred Taylor Chiliwhippers
  2. DeAngelo Williams Rockin Ryan
  3. Warrick Dunn Jersey Muggles
  4. Jay Cutler Niners In Th...
  5. Julius Jones Mo Fo's
  6. Adrian Wilson Omshagomes
  7. Tatum Bell The Wicker Men
  8. Dwight Freeney Hinz 57ers
  9. Darrell Jackson
  10. LaMont Jordan Boogeyman
Round 13
  1. Jerricho Cotchery Boogeyman
  2. Brett Favre
  3. Ricky Manning Jr. Hinz 57ers
  4. Kevin Curtis The Wicker Men
  5. Neil Rackers Omshagomes
  6. D.J. Hackett Mo Fo's
  7. Bernard Berrian Niners In Th...
  8. Julius Peppers Jersey Muggles
  9. Greg Jennings Rockin Ryan
  10. Terry Glenn Chiliwhippers
Round 14
  1. Anthony Gonzalez Chiliwhippers
  2. Eli Manning Rockin Ryan
  3. Kerry Rhodes Jersey Muggles
  4. Josh Brown Niners In Th...
  5. Jason Witten Mo Fo's
  6. Michael Turner Omshagomes
  7. L.J. Smith The Wicker Men
  8. Joey Porter Hinz 57ers
  9. Leon Washington
  10. Ben Roethlisberger Boogeyman
Round 15
  1. Isaac Bruce Boogeyman
  2. Sean Taylor
  3. Trent Green Hinz 57ers
  4. Joe Horn The Wicker Men
  5. A.J. Hawk Omshagomes
  6. Jake Delhomme Mo Fo's
  7. Keith Brooking Niners In Th...
  8. Keith Bulluck Jersey Muggles
  9. Eric Johnson Rockin Ryan
  10. Dallas Clark Chiliwhippers
Round 16
  1. J.P. Losman Chiliwhippers
  2. Stephen Gostkowski Rockin Ryan
  3. Randy McMichael Jersey Muggles
  4. Dominic Rhodes Niners In Th...
  5. Muhsin Muhammad Mo Fo's
  6. Gibril Wilson Omshagomes
  7. Chad Pennington The Wicker Men
  8. Daniel Graham Hinz 57ers
  9. Nate Clements
  10. Heath Miller Boogeyman
Round 17
  1. Jason Elam Boogeyman
  2. Owen Daniels
  3. Ian Gold Hinz 57ers
  4. Jason Hanson The Wicker Men
  5. Devin Hester Omshagomes
  6. David Akers Mo Fo's
  7. Olindo Mare Niners In Th...
  8. Matt Stover Jersey Muggles
  9. Mario Williams Rockin Ryan
  10. John Kasay Chiliwhippers
Round 18
  1. Donnie Nickey Chiliwhippers
  2. Roc Alexander Rockin Ryan
  3. Jerry Porter Jersey Muggles
  4. Daunte Culpepper Niners In Th...
  5. Gary Baxter Mo Fo's
  6. Priest Holmes Omshagomes
  7. Joey Thomas The Wicker Men
  8. Ed Reed Hinz 57ers
  9. Brandon Marshall
  10. Dovonte Edwards Boogeyman
Round 19
  1. Alex Lewis Boogeyman
  2. Rob Bironas
  3. Jeff Reed Hinz 57ers
  4. Jason Hatcher The Wicker Men
  5. Derrick Mason Omshagomes
  6. Dedrick Roper Mo Fo's
  7. Dwayne Bowe Niners In Th...
  8. Ronde Barber Jersey Muggles
  9. Freddy Keiaho Rockin Ryan
  10. Gerris Wilkinson Chiliwhippers
Round 20
  1. DeShaun Foster Chiliwhippers
  2. Tony Scheffler Rockin Ryan
  3. Josh Scobee Jersey Muggles
  4. LenDale White Niners In Th...
  5. Kevin Jones Mo Fo's
  6. Adrian Peterson Omshagomes
  7. Vernand Morency The Wicker Men
  8. Ty Law Hinz 57ers
  9. Ruvell Martin
  10. Chris Henry Boogeyman
Round 21
  1. Reuben Droughns Boogeyman
  2. Paul Posluszny
  3. Ronald Curry Hinz 57ers
  4. Ron Dayne The Wicker Men
  5. Adalius Thomas Omshagomes
  6. Eddie Kennison Mo Fo's
  7. Arnaz Battle Niners In Th...
  8. Donnie Edwards Jersey Muggles
  9. Joe Nedney Rockin Ryan
  10. Mike Bell Chiliwhippers
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