Fantasy Baseball 2008: 2B Rankings

Here are the 2B rankings for mixed leagues using a ranking system that accounts for a player's previous three season's of work and relates those efforts to those of his peers across the five fantasy baseball categories - HR, RBI, SB, R, AVG. Because I did not want diminish the purity of the calcuations, I instead added a "+/-" column to make some commentary on select listed players. You may agree or disagree, and I hope you do.

There are a couple of 2B-eligible players who have a chance to be good 2008 sleepers - the Cleveland Indians' Asdrubal Cabrera and the Los Angeles Angels' Erick Aybar. Cabrera could be a poor man's Placido Polanco while Aybar need only discover the skills that allowed him to be a 40+ SB player in the minor leagues to be the equal of Felipe Lopez.

A player I'd like to highlight as being ranked much lower than I expected is Angels' 2B Howie Kendrick. Maybe I read too many of his press-clippings. Maybe I am too prone to believe prospect rankings. I don't know why, but I expected him to be much higher than 30th. A closer look at his efforts over the first two seasons reveals nothing to be excited about. A handful or HRs and SBs in each won't get you past the high single digit efforts of Freddy Sanchez and Placido Polanco, two players I doubt many fantasy players would select ahead of Kendrick.

Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/- Rank Player +/-
1 Utley Chase   16 Castillo Luis   31 Kendrick Howie up up
2 Phillips Brandon   17 Sanchez Freddy   32 Loretta Mark  
3 Roberts Brian   18 Weeks Rickie   33 German Esteban  
4 Cano Robinson   19 Belliard Ronnie   34 Harris Brendan  
5 Polanco Placido   20 Giles Marcus down 35 DeRosa Mark  
6 Kinsler Ian   21 Giles Marcus   36 Kennedy Adam  
7 Ellis Mark   22 Grudzielanek Mark   37 Escobar Yunel up
8 Lopez Felipe   23 Matsui Kazuo up 38 Counsell Craig  
9 Hill Aaron   24 Lopez Jose   39 Punto Nick  
10; Hudson Orlando   25 Johnson Kelly up 40 Burke Chris  
11 Uggla Dan   26 Barfield Josh   41 Castillo Jose  
12 Upton B.J. up up 27 Izturis Maicer   42 Graffanino Tony  
13 Iguchi Tadahito down 28 Pedroia Dustin   43 Valentin Jose  
14 Kent Jeff   29 Wigginton Ty   44 Bloomquist Willie  
15 Durham Ray   30 Theriot Ryan   45 Carroll Jamey  

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