Help needed, please...

I play in a 5x5 AL roto league, and we have unconventional retention rules - we can keep players forever, but have to pay them their CDM salaries each year, with a $20 million cap on our 25-man rosters (we also have a 15-man bench).  We can "contract" up to 7 players at their salaries in their previous seasons (I put a contract on Jered Weaver this year at his 2006 salary, which was minimal).  We have an annual draft of available players who have played at least AA ball (and imports).

Categories are a little odd: BA, OBP, SB, HR, RP (R+RBI-HR).

Anyway, I finished next-to-last this season.  I get the 2nd pick in the draft.  To me, there are so far three outstanding picks:

  1. J.D. Drew (assuming about an $1100 salary - most stars make ~$1500 to $2000 max)
  2. Diasake Matsuzaka (assuming $1000, but he could be anywhere from $500-$1500)
  3. Alex Gordon ($100)
Gordon would be ultra-cheap this year, and each of the next 5 years.  My team will be mildly in contention this year, although losing Liriano hurts badly.  I have adequate 2007 SP (with great future, hopefully), and have Teahen at 3b, and holes in LF and RF right now (I also have Butler coming).  

Option 1: The patient thing to do would be to draft Alex Gordon and take my lumps this year again while looking forward to watching the Royals for the next decade or so, yet probably failing to  break into the money this year.

Option 2: The "grab the money and run" move would be to take Drew if he signs with the Red Sox.  Given any sort healthiness at all in that lineup, he should put up some huge numbers.  He'd fill a hole, and I think he's a reasonable gamble to out-stat Gordon for 2007 and 2008.  I think adding Drew puts me into contention for the #2/#3 money slots, assuming I can figure out LF and Closer.

Questions: I'm assuming that Matsuzaka will be gone with pick 1, but maybe not.  How would people rank these three?  Should I try to trade for the #1 pick to insure I get one of these guys?  Bonds, Schmidt, C-Lee may all be available too, assuming they come to the AL.  


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